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What's involved in rewiring?

Nowadays, nowhere in the UK is safe from crime. It can happen anywhere, anytime. East Kent Electrical supplies high-quality Burglar Alarms which are the most effective way to protect your property, possessions, family, and business. Our East Kent Electrical Ltd Alarm Sounder (Bell Box) intimidates 80% of burglars; the activation of the sounder as soon as a break-in is detected encourages the intruder to flee. Even if a burglar is determined and sticks around, this gives occupants a warning and can act quickly. In addition to our excellent systems, we have our own mobile phone app that allows you to monitor your system easily.

Standard grading system for Alarms:

  • Grade 1 Low Risk
  • Grade 2 Medium Risk
  • Grade 3 High Risk


Our security team in East Kent have written a basic guide for you to understand more about the types of alarm that are available.

What's involved in rewiring?

Dedicated to Quality

All of our work complies with the clear guidelines that we are given by The British Standards. BS 4737 EN 50131 PD 6662 embraces the design, installation, and maintenance of Alarm Systems, and for monitored systems the appropraite ACPO Policy applies.

We take responsibility for every stage of your Burglar Alarm, including the site survey, design, installation, and ongoing maintenance. We can offer a wide range of products to ensure we meet your security requirements.

The Technologies

When it comes to choosing a system, we will thoroughly explain your options and the pros and cons of each. This ensures you chose an alarm system that meets all of your needs and requirements.

Unless you want to rely on a basic Audible Only system that you can buy off the shelf and aren’t very efficient, you will need a qualified alarm installer in East Kent, like us, to supply, install, set up, and maintain your alarm system.

Two Technologies: Wired & Wireless


Wireless alarm systems are much easier and less disruptive to install because there is no need to lift carpets, run cables under floorboards, move furniture or drill holes through walls. Generally, this reduces the installation cost significantly compared to a hard-wired system, however the equipment is more expensive. Wireless alarms are also more portable, which means they can be temporarily removed if you decide to decorate or permanently if you move home.

Each device requires specific batteries to power it and these usually need to be replaced yearly.

In your quotation we will state that wireless systems can only reach British Standards EN50131 / PD6662 Grade 2 (Medium Risk). 


If you are looking for a more robust, reliable alarm system, hard-wired alarm systems are the ones for you. Hard-wired systems are typically installed by one of our experts to ensure that all the cables are hidden, which will increase the installation cost. However, once installed they require less maintenance. 

Hard-wired alarm system installations have to meet with British Standards EN50131 / PD6662 and conform to the NPCC Intruder Alarm Policy. We ensure this is documented with the Risk Grading in your quotation. The systems available cover all the grades.

Usually, the Hard-Wired Alarm we install is set when you leave and if an intrusion is detected it will activate and the sounder. This will ring for around 5 minutes unless entry is made through the correct entry route and the deactivation code is entered within 25 seconds. You can part set it when you go to bed so that only downstairs will activate.


Wireless Control Panel Features

  • PD6662, EN50131-1 Grade 2
  • Compliant with BS8243 
  • 8-50 zones wired, wireless or in any combination
  • Up to 25 wireless key fobs
  • Up to 26 user codes, 500 event log
  • 4 programmable outputs expandable to 14
  • Up to 4 wired LCD keypads and 4 wireless keypads
  • Up to 8 proximity tag readers
  • Alert Keys for PA/Fire on keypad
  • Programmable Chime function
  • Strobe confirmation
  • Connects to ARC Receivers using Contact ID / SIA / Ademco FF
  • Voice Module up to 16 phone numbers with preprogrammed messages
  • SMS text messaging option
  • Proximity set/unset via the proximity key fob
  • Separate bell tamper to detect compromise of the external sounder
  • Polycarbonate or metal panel casing

Texecom smartphone app

  • Web browser
  • Set and Unset
  • Control and monitoring of the system
  • SMS event notification
  • Audio event notification
  • Remote listen and speak in
  • Remote view in
  • Remote listen in
  • Email event notification


The Wired Alarms we normally install in your East Kent home are set when you leave, if an intrusion is detected they will activate and the sounder will ring for 15 minutes, unless entry is made through the correct entry route and the deactivation code is entered within 25 seconds. When you go to bed, they can be part set so that the downstairs only will activate. East Kent Electrical can link them to our high-quality monitoring station so that the key holders and emergency services are alerted upon activation. The systems are cabled throughout the property so we must come and do a survey to give you our pricing.

Dialler Control Panel Features

  • PD6662, EN50131-1 Grade 2
  • BS8243 compliant
  • 8 EOL zones expandable to 24 zones
  • Wireless expansion up to 8 wireless zones and 8 key fobs
  • 50 user codes, 2 programmable outputs, 300 event log
  • Up to four 32 character LCD RKPs
  • Alert Keys for PA/Fire on keypad
  • Programmable Chime function
  • Strobe confirmation
  • Connects to ARC Receivers using Contact ID / SIA
  • Vo-comm: up to 4 phone numbers with preprogrammed message
  • SMS text messaging option Keypads and G-Tag
  • Up to 4 LCD remote keypads can be added
  • Alert keys for PA/Fire on keypad
  • G-Tag compatible for proximity set/unset via the G-Tag key fob
  • Separate bell tamper to detect compromise of the external sounder

Wireless Accessories

  • Wireless PIR and PET PIR
  • Universal Transmitters and Door/Window Contact
  • Wireless Shock, Smoke, Flood and Glass break detectors
  • 2 button Panic key fob / 4 button key fob
  • Wireless Watch OUT Outdoor Detector

Basic Audible Only Panel Features

  • PD6662 EN-50131-1 Grade 2X
  • Up to 4 LCD RKPs can be added
  • 8 fully programmable zones
  • 9 user codes & 250 log event memory time & date stamp
  • Engineer code lock in, Service timer & Anti-code reset
  • Individual tamper indicators (not zones)
  • Two part sets (optional silent part)
  • Programmable alert keys – PA, Fire or Alert
  • Programmable chime function – (any zone)

Our guide has been written recently so that you can understand more about the types of alarm we offer. All our security systems come with free 36 month remote support subject to T&Cs. 3 years warranty on all systems for a stress-free life.

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