3 Jobs That Must Be Carried Out By An Electrician

When it comes to electrics in your home, there are some jobs that you can handle and some that you most certainly cannot. We want to help keep homeowners safe so here what you need to know about jobs that must be carried out by a qualified electrician…


Take it from a Broadstairs electrician, it is estimated that there are around 10 deaths, 750 serious injuries and 12,500 fires that are caused due to faulty electrical work that is carried out by homeowners or poor trades professionals. Many of these instances could be avoided if homeowners had a better understanding of the dangers of DIY electrical work.


That’s why it is important to remember that any kind of electrical work, bar a few exceptions, that is carried out in the UK is regulated as part of the Building Regulations under Part P.

What does Part P mean for me?

Part P of the Building Regulations states that any person undertaking electrical based work in a home must make sure that everything that they do is designed and installed in a way that aims to protect people from fires and electrical shocks.

What jobs must be carried out by an Electrician?

As ‘Part P’ is so encompassing, let’s go over a few of the more common jobs that you must make sure that you hire a qualified electrician to undertake.

New Kitchen

We find that the most common time that you’ll be calling an electrician is when you decide that it is time for a new kitchen. Due to the fact that the average kitchen has to make room for quite a few different electrical devices, it is important to make sure that everything is running as it should be and that it is all controlled and wired in a way that will keep you and your loved ones safe – this is where a qualified electrician can help you.

New Room Extension

For those looking to add an extra room to your house, don’t forget that you need to think ahead when it comes to electricity.


If you are planning a new extension or adding sockets around your house, then you’ll need a professional electrician to make sure everything is wired correctly. With new builds, it is important to make sure that you have a solid foundations. This means that everything is build in a safe way and will also make it easier to add more to the system at a later date.

New Conservatory

Another common time when you’ll need to get in touch with an electrician is when getting a new conservatory. Even if it sits outside your home, a conservatory is subject to the same kinds of rules under Part P.  


Most people tend to run some kind of electricity through into their conservatories, simply because it is a place to relax. There is a lot that goes into a new build of any structure and even if you think you’ve taken everything into account, it is still best to find a qualified electrician that can check and double check that your plans take into account everything that matters to you and your family.

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