Back to School – Adequate Home Lighting

The summer holidays have come to an end and this week most of the children are going back to school. As we go into autumn, the winter months are approaching and the nights are drawing in darker earlier. Daily homework is an everyday part of the education system and we all rely on home lighting to help our children to continue to accomplish this.

Wherever your children complete their homework, adequate home lighting is essential in order for them to complete it to their best ability, avoiding eye strain. Here’s a few tips to ensure your home lighting is sufficient.


Lighting a kitchen and its different areas is key to its functionality. You need lighting over counters and many people opt for lighting under cupboards to highlight those areas when cooking and prepping meals. LED strips also work well for over or under cabinets. Ceiling lights are a must, particularly to give light to dining areas and tables where your children may complete their homework or you may sit to read, or do some work yourselves. Spotlights or low pendant lights to create more of an ambiance over dining tables are best used here.

Living Spaces

adequate home lightingFor living spaces, most of us now opt for large ceiling lights, although some of the newer modern homes may have spotlights throughout the downstairs. Side lights can also add light to a room and make it feel homelier. If your children are doing their homework in the lounge, you may want to consider floor lamps that shine light at lower angles to give them adequate lighting where they are sitting.


Many children take their homework to their bedrooms, but this can sometimes be the hardest place for them to complete it, if the lighting in that room is not as bright as the rooms in the rest of the house. Traditionally, bedrooms tend to have one ceiling light and children’s bedrooms often tend to have dim night lights. If this is the case for your child’s bedroom you may consider adding additional floor lamps and side table lamps that they can use to provide additional home lighting. LED strips used in bedrooms is also becoming more popular and can provide that extra atmospheric home lighting when required or to highlight specific areas.

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