Alternative uses for CCTV in the home.

We all know that internal CCTV can help protect your property against dangers. The reason that many people across the UK and Kent have CCTV is to prevent theft of what they hold most dear. However, there are other reasons to get CCTV that aren’t often discussed. Here are some great alternative reasons for you to have CCTV installed in your property. These go beyond the usual reasons, and may just convince you that CCTV is right for you.  


It can help you keep an eye on pets. 

Firstly, it can help keep an eye on pets. It can be easy to forget about the dog, ignore the cat, and not pay attention to any of the new furry (or scaly) members of the household. That is until you find a mess on the floor, some broken tiles, or an animal that has itself stuck inside of something.  

With a proper CCTV kit installed, you can avoid all of these issues, by using proper surveillance. With a camera in the right spot, you know not to step in the mess. CCTV installed can let you know that your old cat has fallen over and needs to head to the vets. With a camera system to help monitor your pets, you can be sure to find no surprises.    


It can help you watch out for accidents with elderly relatives. 

On a more serious note, those with elderly relatives know the difficulties of leaving them unattended. Though nothing is better than staying with them, or having a carer stay with them, having a way to stay aware of what condition they are in can be a great relief. Whether you are worried about a big fall, want to know if someone is taking their proper medication, or you just want peace of mind, having CCTV lets you know everything is okay.    

Though it can be difficult, and having a camera system doesn’t solve anyone’s issues, having a way to make sure your family is okay can make you feel much more content. 


You can have fun with the kids. 

Back to a lighter note, you can make cameras at home a lot of fun! During the UK lockdown there has been a lot of spare time to fill, especially for families. If you have a CCTV system installed in your property, hide and seek can be much more interesting, tig can be a game you fall back in love with, or you can design your own games to help the kids stay active.  

Alongside this, with older kids you could play out a film scene, or design your own narrative – all with cameras to capture every moment. Whatever you choose to do, there’s a lot of fun to be had with your CCTV system.  


You can watch out for trouble from the little ones! 

To build on the previous point, having children in a property (especially when stuck inside of that property) can be very difficult for adults. Remove the need for an argument about who did what, and cut through the scraps and scrapes that children put each other through with a simple bit of video evidence.  

Though keeping an eye on your children may seem drastic, it can be massively useful for families who need an extra pair of eyes around the house. Whatever investment CCTV is, paying for a child minder for when you go the shops would be much, much more! 


It can help raise your house price – and give you a cutting edge when you sell your property. 

A point we have raised in previous blogs is that CCTV systems can increase the price of your property. This can be very useful for when you come to have the property valued, and when you sell your home. A full indoor CCTV system may be able to pay for itself, especially when you factor in that this is an element of property development people will be actively looking for.  

When selling a home, it helps to have the cutting-edge details – a new kitchen, the right lights, and a CCTV system to make sure everything the new owner has is protected.  


So, these are some fantastic alternative uses for CCTV in your home. These add to the use they already have – they ensure your property, belongings, and loved ones remain safe and secure. If you want to learn more about CCTV, or about any of the services we offer, head to our website.  

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