The Benefits of Home Security Systems (CCTV)

Why Install Home Security

Worrying about intruders and burglars is something we all do, but modern technology has made CCTV’s readily available and affordable. Systems using wireless and video technology with full colour motion and high resolution images with the facility to record the day’s events makes it possible to watch over our home and family.

So how can fitting a CCTV System in and around your home help you?

  • Watch over your property when you’re away on holiday…
  • Watch over your children or an elderly relative…
  • Keep an eye on your pets while at work…
  • Deter Intruders and Burglars …
  • Monitor your Garage and outbuildings…
  • Reduce your home insurance premium …
  • Record unusual activity on or near your property even when you’re not there…
  • Help prevent crime…

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Depending on your needs there is a range of security cameras are available such as:

Plug & Play Cameras’ these can be installed very quickly and set up to use with your Smartphone or computer, these cameras allow you to survey your home and have the ability to allow you to see, hear and speak through them 24 hours a day, these can be fitted easily and used to monitor babies and young children or watch over an elderly relative giving you peace of mind.

‘Dome Cameras’ which offer full 360° coverage, a single camera correctly positioned can monitor an entire area, providers offer many features with their systems such as motion detection which will alert you to any suspicious activity via Smartphones and computers plus the ability to switch between cameras to monitor your property and remotely control your security systems.

‘Fixed Lens Cameras’ allows you to permanently focus on a specific area, these produce a high-quality video image and are ideal for areas on your property that matter the most.

It is important to identify the right type of system for your property, think carefully about the position of your cameras. Before fitting a CCTV system talk to your neighbours, make sure that the cameras are pointing at your home and not theirs or in a public space.

The most expensive systems are not necessarily the best. At East Kent Electrical services we have experience in a wide range of CCTV systems and are happy to help you select the best option for your needs.

Home Security Installer in Margate

A top tip is to contact your home insurance provider, as better quality surveillance cameras can be a factor in reducing your home insurance. As there are a number of systems available on the market ensure you pass the exact details onto your insurance provider to ensure there are no reasons to invalidate a claim.

Although it is impossible to know how many crimes CCTV have prevented, research has shown that cameras are one of the best deterrents that are likely to change the actions of potential criminals planning a burglary.

Investing in a CCTV is the perfect way to monitor the safety of your home and family, an inexpensive and practical way to give you peace of mind.

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