The Dangers of Carrying Out Your Own Electrics

Carrying out your own electrical DIY projects can be very satisfying and in most cases, gives you the opportunity to save some money too in the process. However, that’s often only the case if nothing goes wrong, and if it does, you end up having to call in qualified tradesmen to fix any of your mistakes, which can be more costly. More importantly though, doing your own electrical work can be extremely dangerous if you do not have the adequate knowledge, experience or necessary skills to carry out the work required.

There are many common mistakes made by people who try to carry out their own electrical DIY projects. The following are a list of some of them:

Using light bulbs with too high wattage

If you use a light bulb with a higher wattage than is recommended for the socket then you are at risk of overheating the bulb, which can crack or in worst cases catch alight.

Overloading your plug sockets and extension leads

In today’s modern living many homes do not have adequate plus sockets to keep up with the times. However, overloading your sockets with multiple plugs for numerous appliances can be extremely dangerous, often leading to overheating and fires.

Wrongly fitted plug sockets and light switches

If your plug sockets or light switches are loose against the wall then they could be dangerous, especially when the lights are switched on or appliances are plugged in.

Incorrect wires and cables

Wires and cables come in a variety of sizes, which determine where they should be used due to the electric current. The wrong use of wires and cable can result in over heating or a shorting of the fuse.

Fuse replacements

A blown fuse blown is one of the most common causes of a house fire, which is often the caused by a fault in the electrical wiring. Don’t take any chances, when a fuse has blown always ensure you get it checked by a professional electrician.

Insurance company’s covering electrical damage costs

Electrical DIY ProjectsIf a fire occurs due to your own electrical DIY project they may not cover the damage costs if the work has not been completed by a qualified electrician. Therefore, it is best to call in the professionals and not take the risk.

If you find yourself embarking on your own electrical DIY project, think seriously whether you are able to complete the task safely. A certified and professional electrician should always be contacted to complete all electrical work in your home. It is not worth putting your family or home at risk.

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