DIY, Handyman or a Qualified Electrician?

Spring is here and as a result many of us take on DIY projects for the house and garden. The lighter evenings and the warmer weather makes it an ideal opportunity to improve the look of your home. However, if you have an electrical project, do you do it yourself, get in a handyman, or hire a qualified electrician?


If you are looking to do a job on the cheap, by saving money, it’s common for people to try to do it themselves, especially if they think it’s a simple task and one that’s easy to complete. This is sometimes a big mistake, as often the task becomes more complicated, or what you have done doesn’t seem to work, so you end up getting in an electrician anyway.

Carrying out your own DIY electrical project can also be very dangerous if you do not have the correct knowledge to carry out the work. Is it really worth the risk?


If you know you do not have the skills or knowledge required to carry out the electrical work yourself, many people often turn to a handyman to do the job.

A handyman might be able to do the electrical work you require, but how do you know if it will be done correctly and safely? Often electrical work is covered by walls or limited access locations, so you wouldn’t know until something went wrong following the works completed. This could be many months or even years later. And, even then how would you actually prove it was there error?

A handyman may have some electrical experience and will often be cheaper, hence why many people choose to go down that route. However, without them being a fully qualified electrician, you would end up paying much more in the long term.

Qualified Electrician

To get the results you expect on any electrical project, it is important to hire a qualified electrician, one that matches your requirements of the job. Don’t just hire someone who sounds qualified and puts you at ease.

Hiring a qualified electrician will mean the work will be carried out competently, professionally, safely and to industry standards. You will have peace of mind knowing that your job has been completed correctly.

Also, bear in mind, if anything went wrong with the electrics following any works being completed, would your insurance company cover the damages if there was a fire, if they were completed by anyone not qualified? Probably not.

East Kent Electrical Ltd.’s staff are all fully trained and qualified electricians, to carry out all domestic and commercial electrical requirements. As Trustmark registered, East Kent Electrical Ltd offer our clients the reassurance of using a trusted and registered trader. For all electrical works completed, the warranty is backed up by NICEIC.

Safety is our number one priority and when carrying out any work we will ensure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to. We will also complete any relevant paperwork to help protect you, should an accident occur on your premises.

If you have an electrical project to complete, do not take the risk doing it yourself or by hiring a handyman. Contact us today on 01843 290107 to arrange a free non-obligation quotation for your home, your properties or business.

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