The Do’s and Don’ts of Outside Christmas Lights

Christmas is upon us and the Christmas decorations are out in full flow. Front and back gardens have come alight with outside Christmas lights, outdoor tree lighting, and welcoming decorative entrances to celebrate the festive season.

If you are using outside Christmas lights, here’s our guide to the do’s and don’ts for safe use this year, and many more years to come.

outdoor Christmas lightsDo’s

Inspect lights before use – carefully inspect your outside Christmas lights before use. Check for any loose or frayed wires and check the plugs for any visible damage. Plug them in to check the bulbs are all working and replace any that aren’t. If there are sparks or heat when in use, contact an electrician.

Use connectable lights – connectable lights are great as you can tailor the length to meet your requirements. They are extremely versatile and can adapt to gardens, entrances and porches of all sizes.

Are they suitable for outdoor use? – make sure the lights you are using outside are in fact suitable for outside use. The outside weather elements and electricity are a dangerous mix if the lights are not outdoor rated.

Check position of the bulbs – in particular, if you are decorating an outside tree, make sure the bulbs are not in a position where they may ignite branches on natural trees.

Store them appropriately – when Christmas is over and it’s time to put your Christmas lights away, make sure you store them in a dry, cool place to prevent any moisture from getting in.


Take risks with electrics – Use a weatherproof connection box for outdoor connections, which can be used all year round with other gardening jobs.

Connect different lights – Only connect lights that are connectable and the same as each other. Do not connect different types of lights, this can be extremely dangerous.

Shut wires in windows and doors – do not feed electrical wires through windows and doors. Shutting the wires tight can damage them, making them faulty and a potential danger.

Leave lights on overnight – make sure you turn your outside Christmas lights off when you go to bed or go out. You can always add a timer to your lights to ensure they are not left on.

Neglect your lights after Christmas – don’t leave your lights out months after Christmas is over. When putting them back away for another year, to improve their longevity ensure you place them neatly back in the box they came in, and check any wires are not tangled.

If you need advice on how to operative or install outdoor lighting this festive season, then always seek advice from a professional electrician. Give us a call for advice or to discuss your requirements on 01843 290107.

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