The Advantages of an Electrical Rewire

If you’ve been told that an electrical rewiring of your property is in your best interest, it may seem like an unneeded expense. A full or partial rewire is often an excellent option for anyone’s property, and it’s certainly a great investment for the future of the property. Here are some of the reasons why…

You’ll no longer have any of the current electrical issues in the property

We all, at one point or another, have had to deal with tripping wires, flickering lights and faulty switches. These small issues can sometimes have bigger causes, so a full or partial rewire will solve these issues. Even if you have a small issue, faulty switches can be a huge pain, it’s always when you need to see exactly what you’re doing that the flickering lights become a huge issue (when you need to put the lights on and you’re holding a wriggling baby, or when you’re about to leave the house and a loud bang lets you know that a wire has tripped in the attic).

The safety of your property

When a home is rewired by professionals, you are guaranteed safety. After a rewiring, you know the property is now as safe as it can be. There are no loose wires, no shabby jobs, and nothing has been left half-finished. You know who’s rewired the property and you can put your trust in a professional. If you have moved into your property and you aren’t sure when the wiring was last done or checked this, unfortunately, could be a cause for concern. As a final note on this point, if you live with pets or have young children, this reason will be crucial as you will want to do everything possible to make sure that they are safe.

You can save money on your energy bills

We all want to be able to save money wherever possible, and by investing in a rewire of your property, it can help save you money. Old wiring wears away and it becomes less effective, as well as generally being less effective than the more modern wiring. The conversion of energy will change with time, meaning more heat is produced and not only is this burning a hole in your wallet, but it’s burning a hole in terms of general energy consumption. A more effective power transferal will help you do your bit to be greener and save needless burning of fuels.

Small financial benefits, slowly adding up

Rewiring a property is more expensive than a new light bulb, this can’t be refuted but the small costs of faulty electrics can dramatically add up and before you know it, you may have spent a small fortune on one or two small issues (that will join a host of others across the house, some of which you have yet to find out about!). A rewiring service may be an investment, but you know that once you have made the investment, you won’t need to worry about your electrics for a long time.

Increased home value

By getting a full or partial rewiring done now, you can massively impact the price of your property if you come to sell it in the future (or near future). By paying for a rewire, you can ensure that the property has been recently looked at, in terms of electrical safety. This will make it much more attractive than any others that still have ancient electrical systems installed. It may also sell faster and make a positive statement about you (the homeowner); you have looked after the home and gone above and beyond to ensure it’s in continued good condition. I know if I had two identical houses, I’d choose one that had been recently rewired over one that had not.

It will protect your appliances

If you have been experiencing faults or issues with your electrical appliances in your home, an electrical rewire will solve these issues. Even if you haven’t, do you want to risk the price of all the expensive equipment in your house? A work laptop with all your personal data and work on, a personal PC with pictures of a recent holiday, or a 20-inch wall-mounted TV are all things you’d rather not have to replace because they have short-circuited, fused to the plug socket, or just have broken. Getting a rewiring job will make sure that electrical sockets are safe, and that your appliances can be safely used through the property.

There are many reasons to get a full or partial rewiring of your property. It’s a helpful way to ensure your property can sustain all your modern appliances, safely and securely.

What’s more, we can help by providing a full or partial rewiring of your property, speak to us here at East Kent Electrical about this service and we’ll send a qualified electrician to help give you peace of mind.

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