What Qualifications Should Your Electrician Have?

East Kent Electrical Limited, is a family business located in Margate, whose aim is to meet all the electrical, and improvement needs of their customers. To ensure the best service, staff are well-trained- frequently attending training courses to keep up-to-date with regulation changes, because, when people hire an electrician, they are entrusting that they will get their problem fixed by somebody competent and professionally trained. As such, many wonder what qualifications their electrician have, and what evidence they should have provided as proof.


The amount and type of qualifications, can depend on the type of electrician you hire. For instance, an electrician who wants to operate only in domestic properties, will only need to have qualified as a domestic installer, or domestic electrician. However, those who plan to work in industrial, commercial, and domestic, will need to have obtained additional qualifications.

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification)


All electricians would be required to do NVQ assessments. An NVQ is a qualification, which is based on practical assessment. After completing technical courses, trainee electricians are then taught theory of electrical skills, and moved onto practical assessments which are taken in a workplace environment.

Each assessment helps build a work-portfolio. This will become an electrician’s evidence, that they can demonstrate the different skills required. This will mostly consist of photographs, and may also include testimonials from employers.

Once their portfolio is completed they will be moved on to something called “achievement measure number two” (AM2). This is their final assessment, where they will have to complete tasks that their assessor gives them. These are taken in an assessment centre under exam-style conditions. Upon successful completion, they will be awarded their NVQ diploma and will now be a qualified electrician.


A qualified electrician needs an industry-recognised level 3 qualification such as:

  • Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Electrotechnical Services (Electrical Maintenance)
  • Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment (Buildings, Structures and the Environment)
  • Level 3 Diplmona in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)- if part of an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is a common route taken by electricians. Many work as an apprentice for an employer and typically attend one or two days a week at college gaining theory knowledge. Normally, it takes takes two-four years for an apprentice to gain their qualification.

The first two qualifications are accredited by the awarding bodies, City & Guilds and EAL. The third is accredited by City & Guilds.

In order to work as a fully qualified electrician, a City & Guilds Level 3 Examination must be passed. You can ask for evidence of this- legitimate tradesman will happily prove themselves! There are also several other qualifications that can be attained through additional courses, and accredited certifications- ours can be found on our website.

Electrotechnical Card Scheme ECS:

The ECS card scheme is proof that the standard of qualifications and skills needed to work as an electrician in the UK, has been met.  Electricians, especially those who have qualified overseas, are encouraged to register for this card. Many electrical professionals (over 99,000) proudly hold these cards and will happily show them to their customers, to demonstrate their hard-earned qualifications and credentials.

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