How Do I Know If My House Needs Rewiring?

How often do I need to get my house rewired?

How expensive it is?

How do I know I need it?

When it comes to rewiring a property there are a lot of questions to ask and here at East Kent Electrical, we want to ensure you know the answers.

The truth is, there is no set law regarding rewiring your property. There are no laws about how often it needs to be done or that certain properties have to be rewired. However, it is important to stress there are several signs that show you need to have your electrics looked at to determine if a rewire should be considered. These are:

  • I just moved house and want to ensure everything is safe
  • I am undertaking an extension at my home
  • I can smell burning
  • There has been recent water damage
  • The lights are not working or keep flickering

If any of the above are relevant for you then it is worth getting a qualified electrician to take a look. They can then confirm the quality of your electrics. All being well your electrics are in a safe state and you can go about your life as normal. If work is required, the electrician will be able to talk you through your options.

Should a rewire be required it is essential to be aware of the following:

A rewire is a sizeable project so as much as we would work cleanly and efficiently there will be dust disturbed so preparing for this is important.

It would take around a week to complete the job (depending on the size of the property) so it is important to plan accordingly.

If a rewire is something that you are looking at for your property, the East Kent Electrical team would be happy to discuss this with you. We can talk you through the process in more detail, give a full quote and look at a specific plan for your home.


East Kent Electrical are a team of electricians based in Thanet. We undertake a range of electrical services including rewires across the East Jent area. To discuss any electrical work required at your property please contact us here.

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