How to Know When Your Plug Sockets and Switches Need Changing

Your plug sockets and switches are used daily and often multiple times throughout each day. I think it’s fair to say we take them for granted and do not fully appreciate how convenient they are. If they suddenly stopped working and prevented us from using our lights and appliances, it would cause havoc with our day.

However, how many of us actually check our plug sockets and switches regularly to check they are still fit for purpose? In today’s advancements in technology and ever growing electrical needs, are your sockets able to keep up with it or are they in need of updating?

Here are some common signs that your plug sockets and switches need replacing.

Physical Damage

Do your current plus sockets and switches look a bit worse for wear? If they are looking discoloured, have wires visible or the casing is cracked or broken, then they need some attention. The physical damage may not mean they need to be replaced, but they will definitely need fixing. If you leave them like this, they may be a danger to your home and they will most likely stop working at some point.

If they are discoloured this can commonly be caused by a short circuit, which can be very dangerous. Do not continue to use this socket and get a qualified electrician in to take a look at it, as soon as possible.

Flickering Lights

Do your lights flicker when they are turned on? It can be extremely annoying and trying to find out the cause can also be frustrating. Often, it’s to do with the light switch and replacing it will restore the flow of consistent electricity to your lights.

Old Wiring

If you have wires visible or even worse if they are frayed, you are at risk of an electrical fire, power cut, or even electrical shock. It’s extremely dangerous to keep plug sockets or switches in this condition.


Do you plug sockets and switches feel warm or hot when they are in use? If they do, or you can smell burning, see smoke or a spark when they are in use, turn them off immediately and contact your local electrician.

Plugs Don’t Fit Properly

If your plug does not fit snugly into a socket and it easily falls out, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Loose plugs can put your house at risk of a fire. It’s not worth the risk, do not use that socket any longer and get it replaced by a qualified electrician as soon as possible.

If your plug sockets and switches are in need of being updated or replaced, please give us a call to obtain a free quote. Do not try to replace them yourselves because it’s not worth the risk if something goes wrong. Your safety is our main concern, so you can be rest assured we will give you reliable sockets and switches that will keep your home fully functioning and secure.

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