Reduce Your Electricity Costs This Autumn

With the kids going back to school in the next couple of weeks, the evenings will be getting darker, much earlier, and the temperature outside will be dropping. As a result, they will be spending more of their time inside watching television, doing homework on the computer and playing on their games consoles.

With more appliances being used, the heating being turned on, and numerous lights being used in multiple rooms, electricity costs can rise. Here’s some useful tips to help you to reduce those electricity bills during the winter months.

Switch Lights Off

Are you constantly walking into empty rooms that the children have been in and left all the lights on? Get everyone in the household to turn off the lights when they are no longer using that room.

Don’t Leave Electrical Equipment on Standby

Most appliances today have standby mode. Leaving an appliance on standby does not use a as much electricity as when it is on, but it will still use some. Newer appliances, with the new European legislation, are limited to 1 watt when left in standby. However, older appliances may still use more electricity.

According to a study conducted by Energy Saving Trust, 9-16% of electricity used in the home is to power appliances in standby mode. On a £600 bill, this could equate to £96! It really is worth turning off those appliances where you can.

Turn Off Chargers

Don’t leave mobile phones, iPads, consoles or other electrical equipment constantly on charge. Not only will you be using unnecessary electricity, you can actually reduce the battery life on some equipment. Once the appliance is fully charges, switch it off.

Adequate Lighting

As the nights draw in, the children will need adequate lighting to carry out their every day tasks, such as completing their homework, watching television, and playing on their games consoles. If a lamp next to them in more than adequate lighting, then use that instead of lighting up a whole room. In large rooms where there’s numerous spotlights, it can use a lot more electricity to turn on all those lights, compared to a lamp in the corner.

LED Lighting

If you have not already, then switch to LED lighting. It’s a highly efficient energy saving technology. They are said to use at least 75% less energy and can last 25 times longer than traditional lightbulbs.

Turn off Multiple Electrical Equipment Being Used at Once

How many times have you walked into a room to find your child playing on the games console with the television still on in the background? Turn off multiple appliances to save on electricity. If they are playing on the games console, they can’t be watching the television at the same time.

Follow these simple, yet effective energy saving tips and reduce your electricity costs this autumn and winter.

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