Revamp the Lighting in Your Home

Are you bored of the lighting in your home? As the nights draw darker, and with the run up to winter, are you wanting to be a bit more creative with your lighting, whilst ensuring you have adequate light to continue with your everyday tasks?

Here are some creative DIY indoor and outdoor lighting ideas that will brighten up any living space.

  1. Track lighting

Track lighting is a great option for brightening dark areas or to highlight a particular feature, such as some artwork or a picture frame. It was very popular in the 1980’s, but has made a comeback. You can find track lighting nowadays in many styles, from straight lines to curves. They also come with so many adjustment possibilities, it’s a great way to illuminate areas creatively, without the need for installing additional wiring and fixtures.

  1. Replace your existing bulbs with Edison bulbs

Edison light bulbs are becoming extremely popular with their vintage look and feel. Their unique glow will add a creative flair to any existing light fixture you already have. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

  1. Add a dimmer switch

Quickly change the ambiance of any room by adding a dimmer switch to a light fixture. Dimmer switches are also great throughout the seasons when the daylight varies in each room of the house. Add more light or reduce it as and when you wish. You can save energy too in the process! If you are unsure if your switch is suitable for a dimmer switch, always speak to your local electrician first.

  1. Get creative and repurpose antiques to make lamps

There’re loads of interesting items out there that you can turn into DIY lamps. Maybe it’s an old family heirloom you have had stuffed away in a cupboard somewhere for many years, or an unusual vase or ornament you have found at a bootfair. Get creative and see what you can do with it.

  1. Fairy and string lights

Fairy and string lighting are extremely popular nowadays for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also found all year round, as no longer just for the festive season. Draped over fences, walls, trees, decking spaces, headboards in the bedroom, to highlighting a mirror and many more places, they are a great way to decorate and illuminate a space. You can find a wide range of string lighting available in the shops and also many DIY options.

  1. Install landscaping lighting

If you are looking to illuminate an outside space, landscape lighting is a great option. Not only will it brighten any outside space, it will make it safer for family and friends to navigate around paths and any steps when it’s dark outside. Landscaping lighting is available in many styles and fixtures. Speak to a qualified electrician to advise you on the best option for your outside space.

If you are looking to revamp the lighting in your home and are not sure where to start, or would like some advice from a qualified electrician, please contact us today.


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