How Safe Are Your Christmas Lights?

The festive season is upon us and by now many of us would have retrieved the Christmas lights and decorations from storage, in preparation to putting them up around the home in time for the Christmas celebrations. However, no matter how well we store our Christmas lights, 12 months packed away can lead to them being unsafe.

Here’s our guide with the precautions and checks you should follow.

What does the manufacturer say?Christmas lights

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to their specification.

Faulty or damaged

Before using your Christmas lights each year, have a thorough look at them. Check to make sure they have not been damaged or broken whilst in storage, and look out for any loose or frayed wires. If your Christmas lights are faulty, do not attempt to repair them, just replace them.

Replacement bulbs

If you need to replace any bulbs of your Christmas lights, replace them before use to prevent overheating. Also, make sure you use the exact same type of bulb originally supplied with the Christmas lights. Always replace bulbs when the Christmas lights are not connected to the mains supply.

Switch your lights off

One of the biggest causes of fires over the Christmas period is people forgetting to turn their lights off. Make sure you turn all lights off and unplug them before going to bed or prior to going out.

Connecting lights

Many of us buy different sets of Christmas lights in order to decorate the whole front of our house. This can cause an issue with the multiple plugs, but it is important to ensure you do not overload sockets. However tempting it may be, do not connect different lighting sets together. This can be extremely dangerous and it’s not worth the risk.

Flammable decorations

Ensure your Christmas lights are kept away from any flammable decorations or materials that can catch alight easily.

RCD socket

For extra precaution and safety, ensure all your outdoor Christmas lights are connected via a RCD protected socket. Never use outdoor Christmas lights unless they are specifically made for outdoor use. Also, do not shut wires through windows and doors. This can damage the cables, causing faults with the Christmas lights. If you are ever in doubt seek professional advice from a qualified electrician.

We hope you have found this article interesting and it will help you to stop the most common electrical issues with Christmas lights from occurring. If you have any electrical questions, East Kent Electrical are here to help, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Have a happy and safe festive season!

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