The 5 Benefits of Having CCTV Installed in Your Home


It might seem a strange idea to some people, but having CCTV Installed in your home is an excellent idea that can help protect the ones closest to you, along with expensive or important belongings. It’ll cost less than you think, provide a range of benefits, and might actually save you some money in the long run. Here at East Kent Electrical, we install comprehensive CCTV systems to help keep you and your family protected.


Here are our 5 benefits of having CCTV installed in your home:


1) To monitor your whole property without having to leave it

The first reason to have CCTV installed is the ability to monitor your whole property even when you are home. It may sound simple, but you probably have several blind spots around your property that can’t be seen via a window (which isn’t the best way to monitor safety – people can always duck below a window). CCTV systems can see the whole approach to your property, meaning in the worst-case scenario you can stay safe and never have to approach anyone.


2) It’s a visual deterrent

If someone is eyeing properties in your neighbourhood, a well displayed installed CCTV system is a good reason for them to avoid your home. Criminals often won’t bother with homes that are secure and a camera on the side of your home is a good statement. An observation here is that it often helps to have the CCTV in a clear place; it doesn’t have to be an obnoxious attachment on the side of your home. As long as you can see the CCTV, it can see you. Criminals won’t like that.


3) Identification

If anyone is to try and break into your home, they’ll have their clothing, posture, and all the details that are on display monitored by your camera. Now, these details are very useful when talking to the Kent Police, or whatever local authorities you report to. Being able to give the police enough details to put out a search, run an investigation, or even just to put out a general notice is very helpful. As well as the police, depending on where you live you can always talk to your neighbours or any neighbourhood watch (in Kent, Thanet, or surrounding areas) and review the footage.


4) It’s an investment

Looking at CCTV as an investment is often ignored by most people, but as a homeowner, it’s worth your consideration. With CCTV installation you are reducing the chance of being the victim of crime and reducing the chance of a claim on your insurance. This, in turn, can potentially mean your insurance provider can reduce the amount you pay. The security of your home can make a significant impact on your insurance premium, it doesn’t really matter where you live, the price will more than likely improve, and it may surprise you by how much.


5) A lack of maintenance required to stay safe

A further reason to purchase a CCTV system through East Kent Electricals is the lack of maintenance required to stay safe. The cameras we install often require very little maintenance. As said previously, you can look at CCTV as an investment, this investment requires little oversight. Most CCTV systems will operate from the mains, even the systems that are battery powered will only need a replacement every few years. Once installed they will just sit on the side of your home and protect you, your family, and all your belongings.

So, remember, CCTV is vital in ensuring that your property is safe. That includes everyone inside, all the things you can’t afford to lose, and all your heartfelt items that you’d hate to have stolen (the signed football shirt, the limited edition copy of the Beano you had when you were a kid, or even the plate your mother-in-law told you NEVER to lose).


Here at East Kent Electrical in Margate, Kent, we offer a range of electrical services, which include CCTV and security installation. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.

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