Things You Should Know About LED Christmas Lights

You’re probably thinking about what to give those on your Christmas gift lists. But have you thought about upgrading your house’s Christmas lights? Here are a few things you should know about LED Christmas lights.

How Much Do They Cost?

Although LED Christmas lights will cost you a little bit more upfront, you’ll save money in the long run. You could be paying up to £10 per month to have the old incandescent lights, or you could be paying around 90p per month with LED lights. The reason LED lights are a little more expensive is because the components are often assembled by hand, they need conducting material to dissipate heat.

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Cool to the Touch

If you’re concerned about the lights and how hot they can get then LEDs are a very good choice, this is because they produce nearly no heat at all. LEDs won’t burn pets or children if sit or manage to hold the lights in their hands.

The Weather Factor

LED Christmas lights have no problem coming on and working regardless of the temperature. In fact, LEDs get more efficient as the outdoor temperature gets lower.

They’re Durable

LED Christmas lights get high marks when it comes to durability. When an independent test was carried out, LED bulbs didn’t burn out after well over 4,000 hours. Standard Christmas lights on the other hand burnt out at a rate of 2,000 hours.

Yes, You Can Replace Single Bulbs

LED Christmas lights can fail just the same as the classic Christmas lights but unlike most classical Christmas lights if an LED bulb blows, it won’t stop the entire set from lighting up. There are also replacement bulbs available for a lot of the LED light sets.

Big Bulbs vs. Small Bulbs

While mini lights have been the most popular Christmas light decoration for the past 10 years or so, those “old-fashioned” big colored bulbs are making a comeback. The best part? Those big bulbs are available as LEDs.

Decorating Done Right

When you are decorating the outside of your home in Thanet, it’s best to decorate trees in the evening with the lights switched on, this helps you see the effect of the lights are you wrap them around the tree. If you’re decorating evergreen trees you should use bigger bulbs, while smaller bulbs look best on bushes and smaller trees. If you don’t feel comfortable with putting up your Christmas lights up on the outside then call your local friendly electrician in Thanet and they would be more than happy to help!


Warm White or Cool White?

Popular LED Christmas lights are available with warm white light or cool white light. Warm white LED lights give off a soft glow that is comparable with traditional lights and are a good choice for using indoors on your family’s Christmas trees. Cool white LED lights can be used to achieve a more snow-white tone and are often used outdoors.


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