Treehouse Electrics

Summer is finally here, and we will all be spending more time out in the garden. If you have children, you will know how they like to spend most of the summer month’s outside playing with friends.

Giving them an outside space where they can spend time safely with friends, such as a treehouse, playhouse, summer house or log cabin, can be a great idea. They can have multiple friends over without them all getting under your feet indoors, plus you have peace of mind knowing where they are.

Having treehouse electrics may seem a bit out of the norm, going against the general idea of what treehouses are for. However, during the summer months it can get chilly at times and the nights do start to draw in. Plus, children nowadays with technology are constantly listening to music, playing computer games, are on the iPad, laptop, or watching films and TV. If they can do this outside, it makes living so much easier for both the children and parents!

From home to treehouse

One option to get electricity into your treehouse is by getting it from your home electrics. If you only plan to use electricity every once in a while in your treehouse, then an extension cord from the home up to the tree may work. However, this is not always the safest option with cables being a risk of trip hazards.

The other option is diverting the electrics from your home to your treehouse in three ways:

  1. Through the air treehouse electrics – An electrician can run cables through the air, to prevent them from getting damaged on the ground. Some people like this option, with them being out of the way, but others can find they look visually unappealing.
  2. Over the ground treehouse electrics – This option requires the least work and cables can be discreetly run over the ground from the house to the treehouse. Just be aware of any trip hazards with this option and if they do run over the lawn, make sure you move them out of the way when mowing.
  3. Under the ground treehouse electrics – This option requires the most work to do, but a great option visually, as once it’s done you will not see any cables. However, caution will need to be taken when digging near any tree roots.

Solar Power

If you don’t fancy the idea of getting an electrician in to install electrics from your home to your treehouse, as well as installing sockets, light switches, lights etc, the other option is using solar power.

Solar powered lights can offer illumination to a treehouse, so your children can still be out there as the summer nights draw in. Hanging solar lights can also be a fun and creative way to illuminate your treehouse, by hanging lights throughout the branches.

If you would like treehouse electrics installed in your treehouse this summer, it is no different than installing it in your home. You need to follow the same safety guidelines and legislation to ensure your treehouse electrics are safe. Always seek help from a professional electrician local to your area.

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