5 Benefits of an Electrical Rewire

Rewiring is one of the most difficult maintenance tasks a homeowner can face. It is a major project with works carried out in every room. Your home’s electrical system is powered by cables usually buried in the walls, because of this the work is usually a large undertaking. The electrical cables provide power to your socket outlets, power to your lights, and power to all additional electrical items in your home (such as your cooker and boiler). Wrongly installed electrics can result in fires and electric shocks. However, a full or partial rewire can protect against these issues. There are many reasons to get a full or partial rewire, here are five excellent reasons to invest in a rewire. 


It’s the right time to get a rewire. 

Like all infrastructure, electrical infrastructure deteriorates over time. Electrical cables will require replacements to ensure that they stay operational. We recommend that your cables are replaced by a trained electrician at least every 25 years. If they aren’t replaced then you may find that appliances stop working, or that you have problems with safety.

It’s an excellent opportunity for an upgrade.

In addition, when you are replacing electrical cabling, there’s an opportunity for an upgrade. Depending on your property, having an electrical upgrade could be crucial. Modern appliances require more power than the 60-amps capacity often found in very old properties, an upgrade will typically up the capacity to 100-amps. A high load could cause severe damage. If there is an electrical overload it could burn out devices and possibly cause house fires. 


You can negotiate more affordable insurance. 

We understand that rewiring is a pricey investment for a property, however, there are many ways that the work can be offset or some of the money recouped. Many insurance companies across the UK understand that a rewired home is a well-maintained, safer property. As such, homeowners who modernise their home’s electrical wiring have better opportunities for reduced insurance premiums. You can speak to us about ways to contact your insurer to secure a more reasonable price. 


You have an opportunity to adjust your home and make your life easier. 

If you need a new socket in the kitchen or a new electrical appliance, this is the opportunity to get the changes made. Our team are electrical experts that can help install new features to your property. In addition to this, additional light switches can be installed, which can help you navigate your home with ease. Change the layout of a room and plan around where you want the appliances to go – if you want your TV in the corner of your sitting room, we can put your socket there. There are also opportunities here to install smart technology, such as a smart socket. 

Your safety may be at risk. 

More than anything, your family’s safety and wellbeing is the most important reason to rewire your home. Old, damaged, or inadequate wiring can be deadly. Aluminium cable, for example, has been proven to be more susceptible to catching fire. Breaks in a deteriorating cable can cause arcing and result in fire. Outdated wiring is one of the primary causes of electrical fires. Because older wiring heats up quickly, it often cannot manage the power demand of newer appliances. If you want to know if your electricals are faulting, pay attention to lights that dim or flicker, a burning smell, buzzing sounds, sparks from the outlet when you insert or remove a plug, or light bulbs that often burn out in the socket. 

Remember: Older cables can deteriorate, cables that in the past were thought to be safe, have since been proven to be unsafe and hazardous. It’s never a bad idea to have an electrical test if you are unsure. 

These are five reasons for an electrical rewire. If any of these reasons resonate with you, speak to us here at East Kent Electrical about our services and you can speak to a qualified electrician to help give you peace of mind.

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