5 Benefits To Installing Smart Technology In Your Property

Smart technology is an excellent and innovative way of updating and improving the infrastructure of your property. It comes with many benefits, some that you will personally be amazed by, plus a range of features that will improve the quality (and the value) of your home, office, or premises. In this blog, we run through five reasons you should be thinking about having smart technology installed in your home.

1) It is safer for the property

People that steal from homes will often avoid property if it looks like there is someone inside. If you have smart technology installed you can control the lights, meaning you can make it look like someone is in the property even though they are not. Controlled periods of off and on will go a long way to ensuring the image of a house is thriving with activity even though you are not present.

Similar to the lighting, by using controlled central heating you can ensure that your pipework doesn’t freeze in colder weather. With simple planning you can control your heating, meaning it can come on for sustained small periods of time.

2) An improved atmosphere

This may seem a little abstract, but the different levels of light and heat in a room can drastically impact the atmosphere. The cinema is a very simple example of the power of dimming light levels can create and improved ambience. This feature is useful for intimate moments when it’s ideal for the lights to be lowered. On a practical level, it is also useful when you misplace or lose something, by altering the lights to be as high as they can go, this can prove very helpful for finding glasses, a book, or keys.

Similarly, heating can be controlled to create a warm space through your property, or you can warm the property even when you are not at home (meaning you can leave a restaurant and come home to a warm house!).

3) Equipping your home or workspace with smart technology improves safety

The safety of the people within our property is always our main priority and by adding a movement sensor to your lighting system, if you have young children and they get up in the middle of the night the lighting can automatically come on to help them and stop them from being scared.

Another example is the control of appliances that use electricity and have the potential to set on fire, by having set times for items such as your computer, not only are you saving money by not paying for the electricity when it’s scheduled to turn off, you remove the chance a fuse trips or that the computer overheats.

4) Convenience

Simple things that you’d love to try but aren’t sure how to achieve, like having gradual light to wake up to can be achieved with smart technology (in this case, controlled lighting). Or, the convenience of being able to control your, or your child’s, time looking at screens during the day.

You can also achieve a level of convenience that you may never have considered such as having your lights connected to a movement sensor, meaning that your home can light up when you walk in the door. The opportunities and benefits are endless.

5) An increase in the value of your property

We all know that the price of your home, premises, flat, office, is impacted whether positively or negatively by many different factors. The elegance of controllable lighting, heating, or any smart technology features can raise the price of the property. Imagine the impact of being shown around a home and finding that you never need to worry about the heating, the lighting, and the many benefits of smart technology.


These are just some of the reasons to consider the installation of smart technology in your property. We have not even talked about CCTV, Home Cinema, motorised shades and audio. The benefits simply go on and on. Here at East Kent Electrical can help you achieve smart technology integration inside your property. We are an approved Lightwave Smart Installer, meaning that we can partner with you and your property to make some incredible improvements and advancements. Contact us today to discuss what we can do to help you enjoy the many benefits of Smart Technology in your home.

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