5 Home Investments That Can Help You Save Money

There are many intelligent ways to invest in your property whilst saving you money on bills. The home investments listed below all make your home appliances easier to utilise and/or safer, whilst providing methods to actually save money too. 

Invest in Smart Home Technologies. 

If you want to ensure that you can protect your money in the long term, an investment in smart technology is an excellent idea. Smart technology is an area that is continually evolving, whilst getting considerably more economical for homeowners. 

To exemplify the benefits, consider having complete control of your lighting, heating, and home appliances. By having control, you can ensure that you never leave a light on, that your home is the ideal temperature until you walk out of the door, and that you can turn appliances off remotely. Consider, in addition, that you can monitor the energy usage of your home and see which appliances are costing you more money with each use. See where the money is coming out of your budget (and going towards the bills!)

So although Smart technology has the possibility of being expensive, its benefits can improve your living conditions whilst enabling you to intelligently save money on your bills. 

Consider Rewiring.

A rewire may seem drastic, but it can be very useful for those suffering from high bills. Wiring in a property can date from any time since its construction, meaning that all the wiring in your building could be as old as the building itself. If you live in a 1970s home, your wiring may possibly be up to 50 years old.

We understand that rewiring, even a partial rewire service, is a large amount of work. It involves drilling into walls, lifting floorboards, and general mess. However, remember that broken or unsafe electrics can cause life-threatening injury and pose a serious fire hazard, making it essential that you update electrical wiring before any potential problems are apparent or visible. 

Even though rewiring can be sometimes large amounts of work, the savings can also be very large. An investment in rewiring can enable a safer house, and help save you money for the future. 

Order some Updated Appliances.

The age of your appliances may contribute to high bills, without you even knowing. Your fridge, washing machine, boiler, and any of your household appliances might be using high amounts of energy. 

For example: If you have a boiler that is G rated in its energy efficiency, you will be ‘losing’ at least 20% of the energy that an A-rated boiler will use. (This is because more energy is used to power older models, newer ones tend to use less actual energy to power themselves).  

So, we understand that a new washing machine can be quite expensive. However, when you consider the usage (and the age of your current machine or appliance), it makes more sense. Updating your electrical appliances can save you money on bills, over the life of the appliances. 

Contemplate New Lighting Options.

If you want to save energy, and cut down on bills, then you might want to think about updating or upgrading your lighting.

If you are using older light bulbs, they will take a while to ‘heat up’ (this is the process of electricity flowing through the filament). During the wait for the bulb to warm up, the current is constant, this means waiting for the light bulb to become bright is costing you money. A very simple method to identify the effectiveness of your lightbulbs at home is to test how warm they are – ineffective bulbs will produce *almost more heat than light. 

New bulbs will be better at converting the electrical energy to light rather than heat, and more effective at utilising the available current supply. New lighting in your home will save money in the long term – when paired with consciously paying attention to turning the lights off (when not in use) you might make a substantial saving.

Inquire into Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is an interesting and dynamic way for homeowners to effectively reduce their bills. It works, simply, by controlling the voltage to each appliance and piece of electrical equipment in your property. 

Voltage Optimisation is an energy-saving technique that employs the latest technology to control, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to limit the voltage supplied to match the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances.

With this method, you reduce the voltage and effectively stop paying for the voltage you don’t need.   This method can be discussed in more detail when you get in contact with our team, here at East Kent Electrical. 

These are multiple methods of using investments in your property to reduce the amount you are paying for your energy bills. These investments are great ways to try and save more money in the long term, and to think about your energy usage in a smart way. 

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