6 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity at Home

For a lot of people, their energy bill is one of the biggest bills that arrive each month and can be difficult having to pay such a large amount every month. However, there are ways of reducing the price of your energy bills by working to have a more energy-efficient home. This also has the benefits of helping the environment, and generally reducing your monthly outgoings. As electricians in Thanet, we are fully aware of some simple steps you can take to help bring your bill down.

Here are our six top tips to save money on electricity at home.

Check your lights

This may seem simple, but having rooms lit when they don’t need lighting can be costing you money in the long term. A bulb will be using a large amount of energy without you even realising. Also, bulbs will need replacing far more often if they are on for extended periods of time with no breaks. Consider using mirrors or windows to full effect when lighting your property, using energy-efficient lighting, and trying to remain aware of what lights are on around the house.

Have your fridge at the ideal temperature

Your fridge should be at an ideal temperature of around two or three degrees Celsius, with freezers being around minus eighteen degrees. A good idea is to check the manufacturer’s handbook, or even consult who you bought it from, they will be sure of the ideal specifications of your fridge and freezer. Something to remember is that your fridge is almost always on, so is a massive drain of energy so adjusting your fridge make sense for this reason alone. As a side note, you may find that food is maintained longer, or that the food in the freezer remains at a good condition for longer.

Stay aware of the temperature in your property

Make sure you are aware of the temperature and the heating in your property. When is the heating on? When does it turn off? Are you warm enough without the heating on (and maybe with a jumper instead…)? These are all personal preferences, however, adjusting these factors will be noticeable in your energy bill at the end of the month. If you have electric heaters in your property, remember to use these with extreme caution, and make sure that they are off and not on a low power mode, you won’t feel the benefit of warmth and you’ll have a slow drain on your pocket!

Think about upgrading your old boiler

According to MoneySupermarket.com – based on the average fuel prices in March 2019, a detached house upgrading from a G-rated boiler to an A-rated one could save around £300 a year. It’s certainly true that you can save a fortune when you need to swap out an older boiler with an energy-efficient model. You may also be able to find a scheme that lets you reduce or remove the price for the new boiler…

Invest in efficient appliances

You can save a tonne of money by investing in better appliances. When the time comes to buy something new for your property, putting the money in the right places can save you a lot in the long run, in terms of energy bills. Try looking out for great deals on appliances that are at least A+, with an aim to try and spot some energy rated triple plus.

Try and take small steps

There are small ways to incrementally reduce an electric bill without much effort, just a little bit of thought and some creative Googling. Try turning off kitchen appliances when they aren’t in use, the kettle does no good until you need to boil some water. Or, try having a cold wash every now and again – this certainly isn’t our area of expertise, but the whitewash you put on may thank you for it! There is a lot you can do with little effort and little money invested, so try these easy suggestions today.

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