6 Ways That Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home

Smart technology is an excellent investment into any property whilst also ensuring you are living in a modern home that looks after you and offers all the benefits and features possible. We aren’t quite in the age of the Jetsons (remember them), but as we move forwards it’s important to know what smart technology can do for you. We are not going to list the specific technology itself (by the time we’ve written this, there’s already new smart technology on the market!) but we do want you to know how it can add benefit. As we are spending more time at home, and we are all working from home more frequently, investment in smart technology can sensible way to spend your hard-earned money.

Here are six ways that smart technology can be used to improve your home, and therefore your life:

Improve your security

You can, firstly, massively improve your home security with smart device integration. A smart home system can be used to make sure that you and family are safe by controlling home security, lights, and/or doors so that no one can enter your property without you knowing about it. This means that leaving the garage door open is a worry of the past, as you can shut it with one click. Also, it means that you can avoid the little errors, like leaving the washing machine running whilst you are away. You can turn any appliance off easily and avoid a possible electrical fire, easily and simply.

Increased energy savings

You can control the output and input of all the devices across your home with smart technology, meaning that you can turn off appliances easily with only the click of a button. This has a massive positive effect on electrical bills, which are one of the major financial drains for UK homes. You can turn off TVs, laptops and most of your tech that will drain energy (especially when they are ‘on’ but not displaying any information or on standby). There are also small features of smart home integration that massively contribute to energy saving. An example of a simple feature you may not have thought about is that you can turn off heating as you leave the house, schedule your boiler to turn on and heat your property before you get home, meaning you don’t have to jam the thermostat all the way to its hottest setting.

Flexibility for new devices

Adding new devices to your system is easy, and this is much better than trying to set up a brand-new device that is controlled individually. Once you have included your newest piece of technology on the system, it’s suddenly easy to control the thermostat, speaker, blinds or door lock, all from one centre. Whether it’s a lock, which is very easy to use, or a much more complex piece of technology, it’s easy to understand when operated from one centre and can be used in conjunction with literally everything else in the property. One centre can control everything from doors, to fire alarms, to lights; even to air quality – you have maximum flexibility and will never need to get on the ladders to press the small bleeping fire alarm again.

Increased ease of use for appliances

New technology is a great way to ensure that ease of use is maintained and improved. A smart speaker can play a specific radio station, or even specific artists, with a simple command, whilst an older radio set would need to be tuned, retuned, and possibly might not even pick up specific frequencies. If something is easy to use, it can really impact your life, take the example of, when you are getting ready for work and have a lot to do, it makes sense to have a smart speaker. When things are easy to use, you do not have to worry about older or younger people in the house struggling with technology. This is a positive effect, as there are features in a modern property that could hurt young children if used incorrectly. Your child will never struggle with something as simple as the tall blinds, if all they need to do is say ‘blinds close’ or click a button beside their bed.

Great insights

You can gain insights and information about your home and appliances with smart home technology. This is very useful for anyone that wants to consider their safety and energy use. You want to know how much energy your fridge is using? Smart home technology can help you learn this. Moreover, insights can help you save money or help you do your bit for the environment. Once you understand that the TV is taking a massive amount of energy to sustain it on ‘standby’ you can adjust your behaviour to change this.

Fall in love with your property again!

When you can change a variety of features about where you live, without having to do very much, you can discover more about what you want from your property. You might want to create an atmosphere in a room, and simply by saying ‘dim lights by 20 per cent’ you can find a new look to your kitchen whilst someone is hanging their coat. Or, you can have movement sensors detect where young children are, meaning you can both look after the kids and have a date night, as an example. The features included in smart home integration will make you want to stay in your home, as there’s so many options you simply can’t get tired of living there.

As a final point, these are some of the features that exist in the world of smart technology right now. As we go towards the future, with the world increasing working from home, this technology will improve and evolve into something quite exciting. If you want to know more about smart technology, what it can do for you and your home then contact us for quote.

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