7 Tips For Choosing The Right Electrician For Your Rewire

As a homeowner, you want your electrical system to be safe, reliable, and efficient. Over time, however, components wear out, and the wiring may become dated or frayed. A complete rewire may be necessary to ensure that your property is up to date and working correctly. But how do you choose the right electrician for such an important task?

Here are seven tips to help you make an informed decision:

1. Check for Licensing and Insurance

When choosing an electrician, make sure to verify that they are licensed and insured like we are at East Kent Electrical. Electrical work can be dangerous, and a licensed electrician has the necessary training to do the job safely and as it needs to be done.

2. Look for Experience and Expertise

Rewiring an entire property is a significant undertaking, and you want to hire an electrician with a track record of successful rewires. Look for an electrician with a proven track record in the field with positive reviews from past customers. 

3. Get a Detailed Quote

While cost is a factor in your decision, it shouldn’t be the only factor. A detailed quote will help you understand what the project entails, what equipment and materials will be required, and what the costs will be.

4. Check for Guarantees and Warranties

Ensure that the electrician you choose provides a workmanship guarantee and uses quality materials with manufacturer warranties for the components used.

5. References from Past Customers

Ask for any references from past customers, and make sure to check them. They will give you insight into the company’s work and the way they treat their clients.

6. Availability and Schedule

A worthwhile electrician will ensure a specific schedule is maintained. Look for an electrician who works within your timeline and seems capable of completing the job within the allotted time frame.

7. Communication and Customer Focus

Your electrician should be pleased to answer any questions you have and to explain any industry-specific language associated with the rewire.


At East Kent Electrical, our team of skilled electricians offers quality, timely, and professional electrical work services. From re-wires to electrical upgrades, our team has the expertise to tackle any electrical task. Contact us today and let us make your property safe and efficient.

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