A Guide to Smart Home Options

With Smart Technology on the rise and the continual increase of options for home automation, there are plenty of solutions for your property. Smart technology now allows you to create technology-driven homes giving you greater functionality, ease of use and of course lots of fun.

Whether for your home, office or build projects here are 5 of the most popular smart technology options.

 1. Smart Lighting

A very popular addition to many homes, smart lighting is a solution that many are now adding to their property. The ability to turn lights on and off via voice, at set times and with such ease is a no-brainer for many people.

Not only is it a great addition to the home it also provides added security to be able to turn lights on and off when you are not at home. There are many options now available and our team at East Kent Electrical would be happy to discuss these with you. We are LightwaveRF installers ensuring you get the highest level of service with top-quality solutions.

2. Smart Entertainment

For those that love their technology smart home entertainment is a must. With options such as multi-room audio, cinema, TV projectors and full entertainment systems the options are endless.

As well as working with homeowners we also work with builders and architects to offer our professional advice on the best solutions for your project. Talk to us here.

3. Smart Security

The security of a property is vital to all homeowners so when technology makes this easier it is always worth investigating. From alarm systems to access control systems, we have extensive experience in advising and installing the best security possible.

Whether it be automated door locks, security cameras or an upgraded alarm system our team are on hand to discuss your smart security options.

4. Smart Temperature

One of the most popular smart home options is temperature control. Systems such as NEST have become the number one choice for many homeowners giving you the ability to control your property temperature from your mobile phone.

It also helps you create an energy-efficient home whilst allowing you to control your heating remotely which is of course a huge benefit in the colder months.

5. Smart Cinema

If you really want to take your home automation to the next level, then the home cinema is an excellent option. It can be more cost-effective than what most people think and gives your home features that leave your friends and family green with envy. Through the addition of a quality sound system and the installation of a projector, wiring and screen we can add a stunning smart cinema to your property.

Again, the cinema can be fully automated giving control from your phone or touch screen panels.


East Kent Electrical are based in Thanet, East Kent. With a professional team of electricians with many years of experience, we can help you with all your smart home queries. To discuss your needs contact us here.  

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