Electric Heating Compared to Gas Central Heating

The cold weather is upon us and the forecast doesn’t show it improving any time soon. Do you worry about how much the central heating is being used to heat your home and the added costs?

Gas central heating is the most common form of heating in the UK at present. Gas central heating consists of a boiler that heats up water, which is then pumped around the house through pipes and radiators in order to heat the property.

The evolution of electric heating is a great alternative to gas central heating, which has many advantages, including being extremely energy efficient. Many people are now switching to electric heating and you may be considering it yourself.

Here’s some of the reasons to why it may be a good idea.

Electric Heating Benefits

Meets Government Legislation – All new homes should meet a minimum EPC level C, so you can be rest assured your property will meet the new Government policy requirements.

Installation is Cheaper – The cost to install electric heating is much lower than gas systems and they tend to last much longer on average.

Installation is Easier – Installing gas central heating involves various pipes, radiators, vents and ducts. Whereas, electric heating doesn’t require pipework, so it makes it much easier when planning the property layout or design. All you need is a connection to the electric circuit.

Improved Technology – Technological advancements mean that electric heating is constantly evolving and improving. Throughout its development, it’s also reducing in price.

Energy Efficient – Electric heating is 100% energy efficient so for those who are ecologically aware, it will help to create a sustainable home with less environmental impact. Electric heating does not pollute any gases or use heavy metals. All the electricity used converts into heat, unlike gas systems, where energy is wasted throughout the pipework.

Safety – As electric heating doe not use fuel to generate heat, its generally much safer than gas central heating. This also removes the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, leaking pipes or worst-case scenario, any explosions.

Less Noisy – Gas central heating can be very noisy at times, with water gushing through the pipes. Electric heating produces no noise.

You Have Control – The great bonus with electric heating systems is that you can have complete control over your heating and each individual unit, wirelessly and without the need of additional thermostats or parts. It comes as standard.

Maintenance – If you have a gas central heating system, you will be well aware that it needs maintenance and an annual survey to keep it valid for insurances purposes. Electric heating requires little maintenance to keep it in top working condition. A damp clean cloth to regularly clean it should do the trick!

East Kent Electrical are proud to be an approved Rointe installer. They are the best in the market when it comes to finding electric heating solutions for your home, business or project. Whatever your heating needs, we can provide you with free and professional advice.

For more information on the Rointe heating products we can install please visit their website here, Rointe. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options, please email us or give us a call.

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