Electrical Safety For Landlords

If you rent out a property or are considering it, have you ever thought what is the most important things that you need to deal with? Electrical safety must always be the first thing in your mind, but unfortunately many new landlords are often unaware of the electrical safety requirements for rented property.

There’s a bit of a grey area around electrical regulations and what you are legally required to carry out and strongly advised on. However, if any of your electrical fittings or appliances within your rented property causes harm to a tenant you could be held liable, if you cannot prove you have done everything you can to ensure the electrics are safe.

Some of the recommended electrical safety actions landlords can take to ensure tenants are safe include:

electrical safety landlordsElectrical Safety Report (EICR)

An Electrical Safety Report documents the condition of an electrical installation and most estate agents will require this if they are renting out your property on your behalf. Once the report has been issued, you should have it tested periodically, no longer than every 5 years. The recommended date will be specified on the report.

Checks When Change of Tenants

There is no legal requirement on electrics when you change tenants in your rented property. However, you should carry out a visual check on all electrical appliances to ensure it’s still safe. These checks should include:

  • Test all the light switches to ensure they still work correctly
  • Check all the sockets making sure there are no wires or visible damage
  • Check the cables and plus of all electrical appliances to check they are all still in good working order
  • Make sure no electrical appliance is damaged
  • Upgrade any electrical appliances or installations that are old and in need of renewing

Smoke Alarm Servicing

A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert someone of a fire. If you rent a property you need to ensure you have adequate smoke alarms fitted in your property and ensure they are regularly tested and serviced.

Electrical safety is paramount for any landlord, as it’s their responsibility to ensure tenants are safe from fire outbreaks and electric shocks. This is a necessity before a property is rented and throughout its duration. It is also important to have regular checks on the property looking at electrical wires, sockets, cables, as well as the switches, which might get some problems with time. This is done for the benefit of the landlord as well as the tenant.

East Kent Electrical provide a whole range of services available to landlords and letting agents. We look after hundreds of rental properties throughout the region making us highly experienced in providing fast and cost effective solutions to any electrical problems that occur in your properties.

If you would like some advice or would like to book an appointment with a qualified electrician to determine the safety of your electrics in your rented property contact us.

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