Electricity Concerns We Face During Snow and Icy Conditions

The snow we have had over the past month has certainly been pretty to look at. But, for those of us who have had to travel in it, may not feel as fortunate, and probably can’t wait for it to thaw away and for spring to finally appear.

Snow and icy conditions are not only a problem for the roads though. The cold weather can influence many premises, as well as landlords who need to ensure their tenants are kept safe and warm. Electricity during the winter months can become more critical than ever.

Here are some of the most common electricity concerns we can face every winter during snow and icy weather conditions and some suggestions on how best we can deal with them.

Electrical Fires

During winter storms it’s common for trees to collapse or branches to fall off and when they fall onto a building it can be extremely dangerous. When we have a lot of snow, its heavy weight can often cause a strain on roofs, which can lead to them collapsing. All these circumstances can lead to electrical fires and although some of them are hard to predict, it’s important to always remain vigilant to these scenarios and keep an eye on any surrounding possible hazards.

During the cold winter months, many people turn to electrical heaters to stay warm and this also increases the chances of a fire. It’s wise to carry out a full Electrical Safety Inspection report on your premises and offer quick access to emergency contact numbers to your tenants to help protect them.

Power Cuts

Throughout the winter power cuts are relatively common, especially during a winter storm. Power lines coming down or trees falling are familiar causes of these. When power cuts occur it’s pretty hard to predict and there is often not a lot you can do if the whole street has been affected. Ensure you have food supplies, torches and candles to see you through any power cuts along with any emergency contact numbers. If you are the only building effected, ensure you call your local electrician at the earliest convenience to check the building is still safe and to rectify the problem.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

With the increase in use of our boilers and portable heaters during the winter months to keep warm, there is a real increase in the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The worrying fact that you cannot detect carbon monoxide through taste or smell is really frightening. The best way to protect yourselves and any tenants from carbon monoxide poisoning is to purchase or install a carbon monoxide alarm. They are not expensive to buy and could save lives.

It’s important you are aware of additional electrical safety requirements during the winter months with the snow and icy conditions. Avoid doing any electrical DIY and always consult your local qualified electrician to address any issues and to ensure your premise are safe all winter long.

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