Energy Efficient Ways to Light up Your Garden

The warm weather is here and as a result we are spending more time in our gardens, relaxing with friends and family. Whether you are entertaining or just generally relaxing, it’s nice to spend as long as we can outdoors and often some form of lighting is needed.

We are all doing our best nowadays to save electricity and change our routines around the house in order to so, such as turning off lights when we leave a room. However, there are also ways you can save electricity in your garden, but still have the means of lighting it up.

The following are some cost-effective and energy efficient ways you can light up your garden this summer.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered lights use the sun to generate power to operate them, rather than electricity. As long as you have sunlight in your garden, they will work to provide light in your garden at no extra cost, once purchased. They are an affordable option and good for the environment too.

What’s more, they are very easy and simple to install. There are no wires or electric cable, you just choose where you want them and place them there. Just make sure it’s in a position where they will get full exposure to the sunlight, so they will be fully charged.

Solar powered lights are available in most of your DIY shops and garden centres. There are a wide variety from floor lighting to hanging lights.

Battery Powered LED Lights

If your garden does not have full sun or is shady in many parts, then battery powered LED lights could be the option for you. LED lights are long lasting and wear well in the ever-changing British weather conditions we have over the summer. This means you won’t have to replace them yearly and if you use rechargeable batteries, you will save even more.

Again, you can find battery powered LED lights at most DIY shops and garden centres.

Decorative Jar Lights

Candles can be tricky for outside use. If the weather is a little windy, it can be hard to keep the candles alight and candles outside in general can be a little risky. However, by using glass jars to put your candles in and to protect them, you can light up your whole garden without worrying about causing any damage or harm.

Glass jars can be very decorative and will light up a garden beautifully. They can come in all shapes and sizes too. Just look in your kitchen cupboard and see how many glass jars you already have with food in. All you need to do is secure some strong string around the tops of each jar, linking them together, and you have made some fairy lights you can hang.

Glow in the Dark Lights

If you are a little bit creative or would like to get the children involved in the garden, then why not opt for glow in the dark lights? Get together a few pot plants or a couple of bottles and glow in the dark spray paint from your local DIY shop.

Give them a few coats of paint and once they are dry, they are ready to use. Although they will not provide enough light on their own, they are a fun way to decorate part of the garden.

No matter how you light up your garden this summer, the key is to only use what is necessary. If you do require an electrician to install some outside lighting, then please get in touch with us.

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