How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights and Store Correctly

There’s nothing worse than unpacking all of your Christmas tree lights, only to find they are no longer working. They worked perfectly fine last year, and you thought you took good care of them in storage, but you plug them in, and they won’t light up.

So, what do you do? Do you pop to the shops to buy a replacement or try to see if you can find out which bulb has blown or where the problem lies?

There are many easy fixes for Christmas tree lights. So, before you give up and buy new ones, take a look at the following tip to see if we can get them working again. We have also included our storage tips to help prevent any faults in the future with them.


How to Identify the Fault


  • Before you start investigating the problem, make sure your lights are not plugged in to any sockets.


  • Inspect the lights and wires to see if there is any damage. If there is visible damage to the wires or discolouration discontinue use.


  • If none of the lights are working and you can’t see any damage, it could be a fuse that has blown in the plug.


  • If it’s only a section of the lights that are not working, then it’s more likely a blown bulb or bad connection. Look along the section of the bulbs that are not working and replace any bulbs that have blown. If you can’t see any that have blown, check each bulbs connection to make sure they are fitted correctly and have not become loose. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, it may be broken wiring that needs to be removed.


Tips on how to Store Your Christmas Tree Lights Correctly


  • Use a piece of flat cardboard to wrap your Christmas tree lights around, preventing them from getting all tangled.


  • Use cable ties to secure the lights in place. They are inexpensive so can replace them each year. Wrap the lights around your hand and elbow into a circle and then use the cable ties to secure the lights in place together.


  • Find a spare hanger and wrap your Christmas tree lights around it, starting at one end and slowly working your way to the other. You can then either store it away or hang it up somewhere ready for the following festive season.


  • You can actually buy power cord holders and use them to wrap your Christmas tree lights around. This can then be stored somewhere throughout the house.


  • Wherever you store your Christmas lights, make sure it’s a dry, cool place and away from any damp. Moisture can rust or damage your lights, which will stop them from working the following year. Make sure your Christmas lights are completely clean and dry before your put them away in storage.


We hope you have all had a lovely and safe festive season. Here’s to great things in 2019!

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