Installing Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Security and safety is a priority in everyone’s home. What we hold most precious to us in terms of people and possessions are often found in our property so keeping these safe is of course important to us.

As part of our home security and safety, we need to ensure we are as protected from fire as we can be which means correctly installed smoke detectors. If these are not present or not working properly this can be a significant risk to our property so it is vital that we ensure all is as it should be. Here are three things you need to know about installing smoke detectors in your home. 

The location of the smoke detectors

The first thing you need to plan is the location of the smoke detectors in your home. Ideally, you would need them to be installed as high up as possible because of course, smoke rises. This means that you would fix them to your ceiling and also look to install them on any escape routes from the property and on every floor.

You also need to think about making sure the detectors are not installed in places that will cause regular false alarms. This can be locations such as near showers and heating appliances.

Testing the smoke detectors

More often than not smoke detectors are battery operated and so ensuring they have new batteries is important. Of course, batteries do run out and stop working so testing for this is important. Once the battery has stopped working it means your home is no longer safe. Do keep an eye out for the battery low light on your detectors. If you have mains-connected detectors, then this is not an issue.

For most detectors, it is very simple to test with a button on the case which you can press to test that they are working.  

Installing smoke detectors

When installing battery-operated detectors, it can be quite simple. If you remove the casing you will see slots for screws. They then need fixing to your ceiling, so they are secure and won’t come lose. If you prefer mains-based detectors, then this is something you would certainly use a professional electrician for. Even, for battery operated if you are not 100% confident in the installation then always use professionals. It is important that all detectors are secure and stable so do not take any unnecessary risks in this area. Your home security is valuable so doing this correctly is important.



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