How Often Should I Get My Home Checked?

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All gas appliances need to be safety checked annually by a qualified engineer. Any appliance that is left unchecked could leave you and your household in danger. It could also a good idea to have your gas pipework inspected, at the same time as your gas safety check.

However, don’t just rely on your engineer! Although, you should get your appliances regularly checked by a professional, you should also make sure you keep an eye out for potential warning signs.

Appliance Checks

Faulty appliances

If you have a faulty appliance you could be in danger. Faulty appliances can release carbon monoxide. This is a dangerous, potentially fatal gas! In fact, it is estimated that each year in England and Wales: approximately 4,000 people visit A&E, 200 people are hospitalised, and 50 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

So make sure you keep a lookout for the following warning signs. And if you notice them make sure you call a professional for assistance!


  • Your pilot light regularly going out.
  • Your boiler flame burning orange/yellow. Healthy flames are crisp and blue.
  • Increased condensation in the room
  • Stains, soot, or discolouration around or on your boiler, fire, or water heater. These are strong indicators that something is wrong.
  • Carbon monoxide detector keeps going off. This is the most obvious sign of carbon monoxide’s presence, which is why we strongly urge everyone to have a detector installed. They are cheap to purchase and quick and easy to fit. Most homeowners install the detectors themselves, but a professional can assist you if required. For guidance on installation, please click

Annual check

Even if you are not experiencing any obvious signs, you should get your appliances checked by a professional, at least once a year.

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What is an Appliance Safety Check?

An appliance safety check- at minimum- will include all the checks and tests needed to ensure that your appliance is safe to operate. For example, it will make sure that your appliance is:

  • Correctly set and adjusted so that gas is burning correctly and safely
  • Suitable for the room it is situated
  • Physically stable and securely fitted
  • Receiving an adequate and permanent air supply

It will also check that any safety devices are functioning correctly and that any flues or chimneys are operating correctly. Your chimney will need to be checked every year for blockages. This could include finding and clearing away birds’ nests, or debris. Any blockages could prevent dangerous fumes from escaping.

You must make sure you never block your chimney- no matter how cold it gets! Otherwise you are putting yourself at risk of carbon monoxide. And we’ve already covered how dangerous that could be!

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