Outdoor Heater Options for Your Garden

The summer is in full swing, but over these last few weeks the evenings have definitely been getting cooler. Hopefully, we still have some warm summer nights ahead of us, but for some, you may be considering looking at using outdoor heaters to ensure your evening nights in your garden last longer.

However, how can you be sure to invest in the right kind of outdoor heater? Many outdoor heaters heat the immediate surrounding area and then the heat travels upwards. That’s not going to benefit yourself, family and friends if you are all seated around it, which would make the investment a waste of time.

There are many options available on the market for outdoor heater devices. Here’s some advice on the main types and how efficient they can be:

Gas Outdoor Heaters

Gas outdoor heaters are a great environmentally friendly option and they have advanced over recent years. Nowadays, gas outdoor heaters also come in a variety of styles and designs, so you will find one to suit your tastes no matter how different that may be. Gas outdoor heaters are effective in heating an area in your garden, so much so, you can find yourself outside and feeling comfortably warm into the autumn and winter months. There are a variety of styles for gas outdoor heaters including: outdoor wall heaters, outdoor heating lamps, and outdoor parasol heaters. With a gas outdoor heater, you can enjoy your outside garden space with warmth in most weather conditions.

Solid Fuel Outdoor Heaters

Solid fuel outdoor heaters usually use wooden logs or pellets to burn and emit heat. They can really create a lovely ambiance for your evenings with a campfire experience, however, they can also cause quite a lot of smoke and leave your clothes smelling of this. To feel the warm from a solid fuel outdoor heater you do have to sit relatively close and the fire needs to be maintained to ensure it stays a light and gives off heat. Although they are popular in creating a feature for your outside space, they are the less effective way of heating your outdoor area.

Electric outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaterOne of the most popular outdoor heaters is an electric outdoor heater. The popularity is due to the many benefits of using an electric outdoor heater, compared to the other options. The convenience of being able to turn these on and off as you wish with the flick of a switch is one of its greatest advantages, saving cost and energy when they are not needed. Electric outdoor heaters are extremely efficient and will target heat at the people surrounding it, ensuring everyone will feel the warmth, with little wasted heat going straight above. Electric outdoor heaters also use far much less energy than gas outdoor heaters, and they don’t emit any smell or toxins.

We all know electricity and water do not mix well and the advancements of electric outdoor heaters over the years has meant they are well insulated and can be used in most weather extremes. It is actually one of the safest ways of heating and outdoor area and it is extremely efficient.

If you are considering installing outdoor heaters for your garden or outdoor space, ensure you get advice from a qualified and experienced expert to ensure it is installed correctly and safely. For all electrical outdoor heaters, East Kent Electrical can advise, inform and install them for you.  Please contact us today and ensure your get the most use of your garden as the longer and colder nights begin to draw in.

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