The Pros and Cons of LED Lighting

LED lights are becoming more and more available to homeowners but it might not be clear what exactly are the benefits and drawbacks of replacing your lighting so here is a clear breakdown to see if LED lighting is for you…

The pros of LED lighting

Specialising in LED lighting and based in the Broadstairs area, we’ve seen it all when it comes to questions about how lighting can work for homeowners.


LED lights have the advantage of having a naturally longer lifespan compared to that of traditional bulbs. This means that so long as you use them in the same way and turn them off when not in use, LED lighting last longer and saves you money as you do not have to replace them anywhere near as much.


They are also hugely more efficient. This is due to the fact that they only need low power usage to continue to work which not only uses less electricity but also helps the bulb to last longer. Traditional bulbs also have the drawback of running hot to the touch and so can be dangerous, particularly in homes with small children. LED lighting has a much lower heat output, meaning that the light is not hot to the touch and does not waste energy due to its heat output.


A well known feature of LED lighting is that they much more environmentally friendly than traditional bulbs. They don’t contain any toxic material and also don’t release any near the same amount of CO2 into the environment which is becoming more and more important. They usually don’t have any glass parts and this also means that they are not as dangerous if they are broken.

More about the con’s of LED lighting

It is undeniable that they are more expensive to purchase than their traditional counterparts. If you are going to replace all of the lighting in your house at once, then this does require you to put down the cost now to see the return in the future. Another important fact for homeowners to know is that not all LED light are capable of being dimmed down and may put of people that prefer the ability to dim down their homes.


There are also temperature sensitive, so extended use in a high temperature rooms can see LED lighting fail much quicker than if this was not the case. Finally, due to the nature of how they operate, colour degradation is possible and there is a small possibility that they can run interference with other objects in your home such as radio waves.

Based in Broadstairs and interested in LED lighting?

As a broad overview, this blog should help you get a better understanding of LED lighting is for you. We feel that the positives very much outweigh the negatives for the majority of homeowners so if you have any questions get in touch on 01843 290107 or through our contact page.

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