Safe Electrics in Your Garden

If you enjoy spending time in the garden and are doing some gardening and DIY this bank holiday weekend then take a few minutes to read this post with some tips on keeping yourself and your family safe with electrics in the garden.

Electricity is a blessing to all of us, however not all of us understand how dangerous this blessing can be sometimes, if it is not used carefully. In the United Kingdom, Electrical Safety Council from the World Health Organization (WHO), local government and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says that on average an electrical shock will affect 12.5% of us, meaning one person dies every week as a result.

Electricity in the garden is also one of the key factors behind people getting electric shocks. If you are out in the garden this month and doing some DIY over the bank holiday weekends, make sure you keep yourself and family safe.

Power Tools

First of all, make sure that all the electricity in your garden has been installed by a competent electrician, never try and do this task by yourself. The main reasons for electricity related mishaps are pond electrics, hedge cutters, mowers and strimmers. These are mainly powered by electricity nowadays so you need to be safe while using them. Also, make sure you wear protective clothing and try to use steel-toecap-boots when mowing or strimming.

When using power tools, one of the most common accidents is cutting the cables accidentally when strimming or mowing your lawn. Be extra cautious when using these tools and if you can use a RCD (residual current device) if you don’t already have one installed, which protects you when there is an electrical fault by automatically switching off electricity. Check with an electrician if you are unsure.

Most of us use extension cords in our gardens and sometimes in a hurry we forget to match whether the equipment can be used with them or not. It’s good to keep heavy duty extensions for such purposes. Another thing that is left unnoticed by most of us is that the extension cords get coiled very easily and end up over-heating, hence make sure that yours is kept straight.

While using your tools, make sure that they aren’t wet or you didn’t leave them out in the rain. Otherwise they might end up harming you. Also, keep a check on your greenhouse heaters, if you have any.

Outdoor LightingGarden safety electrics

Outdoor lighting has become much more popular nowadays with garden spaces being turned into additional rooms throughout the summer months. Always ensure any outdoor lighting has been installed by a qualified electrician. Just because it’s outside, it doesn’t mean the risks or effects of a fire are any less. The correct cables and sockets must be used, especially where any water may be involved, such as garden ponds and water features.

Children and Pets

Your children MUST be kept away from any sort of electrical equipment and especially the one in the garden. When your children are in the garden, keep an eye on them. The same applies to your pets. They might be attracted to bite these power tools or cables. Lock them away if necessary because letting them free could potentially turn fatal.

Wet weather

Lastly, NEVER use electrical equipment when the grass is dewy, let alone wet. You might feel after a rain storm that the weather is amazing and you could spend some time in your garden, but stay away from all your tools. Be extra careful this bank holiday weekend, the forecast is sunshine with showers in the South East, so be vigilant if you are spending time doing some gardening.

All these devices have been made to help you save time and make your lives easier, but if not used properly, they can cause irreparable damages.

If you are unsure with the electrics in your garden speak to a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you and put your mind at rest. The garden is a place to enjoy with your family and friends, not fret about whether it is electrically safe or not.

If you live in Kent and you would like some advice on the electrics in your garden or you would like some electrics installed in time for summer, please contact us.

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