Security Lighting for Your Home This Winter

Winter is the peak time for domestic burglaries, but there are many security lighting measures you can take to discourage people from targeting your home.

Here, we list some of the main ways you can help to protect your home with security lighting this winter.

Outdoor Lighting

As winter draws in, the shorter daylight hours make it an ideal time to look at your lighting and to install any outdoor security lights to your home.  With the darker mornings and early sunsets, outdoor lighting not only helps from a practical point of view of helping you to navigate around your house outside, but installing outdoor security lights will help to protect your property from burglars and intruders.

If you are unsure of where to have outdoor lighting, look when it’s getting dark and list all those places that are completely pitch black. Are those places access points to and from the house? Are they by path ways or back gates? Could you potentially hurt yourself, such as falling over, going to and from your house if there is no light to show you the way?

Motion-Sensored Security Lighting

The dark winter months make it an ideal time for burglars to approach homes inconspicuously. Therefore, installing motion-sensored security lighting outside your home will be a big deterrent to any prospective intruder, as they don’t want to be anywhere that will highlight where they are and give them any attention. Motion-sensored security lighting will illuminate anyone or anything that approaches your home within a certain radius after dark, which is a really simple security measure. Motion-sensored security lighting is an effective way to help secure your home and help you to feel safe when inside after dark.

Ensure you have your front and back doors installed with a motion-sensored security light as a bare minimum because these are the main entry access points to your home. Additional places, ideally would also cover the sides of your home, gardens and driveway.

Implement Automatic Timers for Your House LightingSecurity Lighting

Most burglars prey on empty homes, as this gives them the ideal opportunity to look through the whole house uninterrupted. In the winter, it is much easier to identify homes that are empty in the early afternoons and evenings, due to the house being dark and unlit.

Installing automatic timers for your lights in your home will make prospective burglars unsure whether your house is empty or not, which will deter them from targeting your house. Another way to add to their uncertainty is to keep your curtains closed or blinds down when the lights are on, to keep them guessing whether you are in or not.

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