Should I Switch to LED Lighting?

You will not be the first homeowner asking yourself the question – should I switch to LED lighting? If you have still not made that switch, you may well be left wondering if the added expense of LED lightbulbs is really worth the hype and money.

All of us are constantly searching for ways to save energy, and lighting is right up there with things we can do to help. While LED lighting will not be a cure for all your energy saving concerns, it’s a great start and a great investment for the long term. If you have no plans to move to a new house and are staying put for the foreseeable future, financially LED lightbulbs will make sense too.

Here are some great reasons to having LED lighting:

  • If you live in a home where the lights are in use pretty much 24/7, then LED lighting is far more efficient to halogen lightbulbs. Maybe you have children in various rooms doing homework or playing on their consoles, and yourself regularly back and forth the kitchen and living room. In this situation LED lightbulbs are a good choice. At only 10 watts and up to 650 lumens of light output, these fittings are far more powerful than a typical 50-watt halogen lightbulb and yet require only a fifth of their power.
  • If you have a light fixture that is hard to get to then LED lightbulbs are a good option. We all have a fixture that we dread changing the bulb. LED lightbulbs last typically 25 times longer than halogen lightbulbs, so they can be much more convenient to use too in these circumstances.
  • If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, by installing LED lightbulbs you could reduce it by 6 tons per year! In addition, they consume a fraction of energy and contain no mercury.
  • Their superior colour rendering also makes the colour and quality of light appear exactly the same as halogen lightbulbs, not the artificial white light many people expect of an LED.
  • Safety is often overlooked when looking at LED lighting. However, the main hazard of halogen lights is the emission of heat, which can cause fires. LED lightbulbs emit almost no heat and because they consume less power, they are generally much safer to use.

If you are finally taking the step and would like to change your halogen lights to LED, East Kent Electrical offer a fixed priced halogen to LED downlight replacement service, to homeowners in the local area. We offer an all-inclusive fixed price service for the removal and disposal of your existing halogen downlights and the installation of new and energy efficient LED downlights in their place.

With the potential to save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pounds on your electricity bill, you would be crazy not to. Plus, having the added benefit of potentially never having to replace another light fixture again, with prices starting from just £50 per unit, it seems a no brainer to us!

There is no better way to save huge amounts of energy and money than to choose the LED solution!

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