Smart Home Lighting Ideas for Your Garden This Summer

Now the weather has finally turned a corner with the warm sunshine being here at last, I am sure many of us have started to sort the garden out, ready for the summer months. Most of us want our garden to be as functional as possible, while at the same time visibly pleasing on the eye. Garden lights are a great way to achieve this, but smart home lighting for the garden takes it that one step further.

Smart home lighting in your garden allows you to have complete control of your garden while home or away, which provides convenience and security. Here are just some ideas of what you could do:

Control lights with your smart phone

Traditionally, you would use a light switch to turn on the lights in your garden. With smart home lights, you can control it from your smart phone. With a single touch of a button you can turn on all your lights or just particular areas once configured.


You can even set things up so external movement will turn your garden lights on. For example, you could have it set up so that when you open your back door, some of your lights turn on to illuminate your patio or terrace. Or, when there is movement on your decking area, those lights are illuminated. After there is no movement for 10 minutes, they will automatically turn off.

Auto-adjusting lights

In the summer months the daylight can vary depending on the weather. With auto-adjusting lights you don’t need to worry about the brightness of your lights, as they will adjust accordingly depending on the outside lighting levels.

LED coloured lighting

Create your perfect lighting ambiance with coloured LED strips to light up your outdoor area in whatever colour you like.

Feature your garden

Lighting various areas in your garden can look very effective. Besides, not everyone will want all the lights on every time. Depending on your reason for using the garden, you may want the BBQ and outside dining area lit up, with the rest of the garden dimly lit. Or, you may want the pathway leading to the pool lit, for some night time swimming. Whatever your requirements, we can configure your lighting into various lighting scenes to suit your needs.

Security and safety

Being able to set timers for your garden lights to come on at various times can help to deter unwanted people to approach your house when you are out or away on holiday. Sensors will also have a similar effect if an intruder is illuminated by lights when approaching your home.  Smart home lighting can also help to keep you safe, for example, for you to get to your front door safely, if you currently have an unlit path leading up to it.

Integrated home automation systems are a great way to control whatever you want in or outside of the house. By syncing in other applications, such as audio and video control, heating and ventilation, lighting, security systems and remote access, the opportunities are endless.

You can literally control entire installations from anywhere in the world, all at the touch of a button!

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