Staying Safe This Christmas

In just a few days the man himself will arrive with presents for all (well, if you have been a good boy or girl). We are sure you are all set to spend some much-needed quality time with your loved ones and enjoy a Quality Street or three. Everyone is getting excited, but it is still important that we are kept safe over this period.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your family Electrically safe at this festive time.

The tree

It is very much a family occasion of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it. Of course, trees are naturally a fire hazard that you are adding to your home once a year so an awareness of this is important. Some go with a real tree and some with an artificial. If you choose an artificial tree, then ensure it is fire resistant and don’t settle for the cheapest one you can find. Also, if you have pets running around the house, keep them away from the tree so no unwanted accidents occur.

If you go for the real tree then keep it watered as much as you can, ideally if you can aim for once a day as dried out trees are fire hazards. Also, check out your fairy lights for any frays or kinks in the wires. A quick check will be fine.

Outdoor festive lights

We have all seen homes that go crazy on the outside lights. They do look fabulous and really bring on the festive feeling but of course, do bring their own hazards.

The first thing to be aware of is to ensure your outdoor lighting is connected to a protected RCD socket. This will reduce the risk of an accident. Sockets should also be weatherproof, especially if they are outside.

Also, we know you want to get as many lights working as possible but try not to overload sockets. No matter how tempted you are, play it safe.

Christmas lights

Again, the lights on the tree and around the house are all part of Christmas and can be found in all homes this time of year. What we need to be aware of is that we only bring out these lights once a year and the rest of the time they are often packed away in a loft or garage. This sometimes means that they can be exposed to conditions that are not suitable for lights and electrical equipment. Due to this, we should test them before use. This often does not happen and can cause accidents.

If this is the case it is better to purchase some new lights. If you are using last year’s then when replacing any lamps as part of the chain ensure they are the same type and same rating.


We love Christmas as much as anyone and don’t want to come across as a Christmas Grinch, we are simply committed to keeping you safe this year.


If you have any questions or need any help with your electrics, then of course speak to the East Kent Electrical team or email us here.

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