How to use Less Electricity in your Home

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We understand that household bills can be a large cause of stress. So, we have put together some top tips to reduce the electricity usage in your home!

According to Energy Saving Trust, typical households can make savings of approximately £250 by installing Energy-efficient measures. And saving electricity won’t only be good for your bills, but will benefit the environment too! So if you want to help save money (and the environment!), please read on…

Some Top Tips…

Switch off your devices

When we finish using our appliances, we often switch them off but leave them plugged in. This still uses and wastes electricity. If you no longer need your device, remember to switch it off from the wall, or unplug it altogether!

Having a computer on when it’s not being used, for example, causes your battery to run down quicker. This means that you will need to recharge it more, thus using more electricity! Having screensavers, especially animated ones, can also use up a lot of energy. So, consider disabling these. And, when you don’t need your computer for a long periods of time, don’t put it in hibernate, or standby- turn it off! This is not only better for your electricity bills, but also safer- you are more vulnerable to hackers when your computer is on.

Leaving devices such as Computers, and televisions on standby really is wasteful. There is no purpose to them being on, yet you are paying for them! So, remember when you no longer need to use your devices switch them off!

Wash/ Dry your clothes smartly

You can waste energy when washing your clothes. So to prevent yourself from doing this consider: setting a lower temperature and combining your load with housemates, or waiting until you have more things dirty. Having half-empty machine loads is wasteful, as you will end up doing a lot more washes.

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When drying your clothes, make use of the sun! If it is warm outside hang your clothes to dry, ore use clothes racks indoors. This is an energy free way to dry your clothes! A tumble dryer, on the other hand, will affect your electricity bills. So try not use this too often! And, if you need a tumble dryer, consider purchasing an energy efficient model.

Purchase energy efficient devices:

There are lot of energy efficient items available for your house. Most have heard of energy efficiency lightbulbs. But appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators and tumble dryers, come in energy-efficient models too. So, when you need to make a new purchase, do not just consider the upfront costs. Also consider how much money you can save on your electricity.

The annual cost of running appliances can vary greatly. Choosing lesser energy efficient appliances can actually cause you to spend hundreds of pounds more every year. Tumble dryers, for instance, can range from costing you £39 to £139, to run for a year.

Arrange electrical inspections:

As electrical equipment deteriorates with age, you should make sure you have regular electrical inspections. This will ensure they are safe to use. Faulty equipment is not only dangerous, but can also cause higher bills!

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