What is an EICR and Do I Need One?

As responsible homeowners or business owners, ensuring the safety of our properties should always be a top priority. That’s where an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) comes into play. In this comprehensive guide, East Kent Electrical will explain what an EICR is, why it’s essential, and who needs one.

An EICR, also known as a periodic inspection report, is a thorough assessment of the electrical installations within a property. Its purpose is to determine if the electrical systems are safe and compliant with the required regulations and standards. The assessment is performed by a qualified electrician who carefully examines the wiring, switches, sockets, and other electrical components in your home or business.

Why is an EICR Important?

Electrical Safety: The primary objective of an EICR is to ensure the safety of the property occupants. Faulty or deteriorating electrical installations can pose significant risks, including electrical shocks, fires, or even fatal accidents. An EICR helps identify potential hazards, allowing corrective measures to be taken promptly.

Compliance with Regulations: In the UK, electrical installations must comply with the regulations outlined in the British Standard BS 7671 (also known as the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations). An EICR helps verify compliance, ensuring that your electrical systems meet the required standards.

Who Needs an EICR?

Landlords: Landlords have a legal obligation to provide a safe living environment for their tenants. In England, for example, landlords are legally required to obtain an EICR every five years, or at each change of tenancy, for all rental properties. This ensures that the electrical installations meet the necessary safety standards.

Business Owners: Business premises, including offices, shops, and factories, must also undergo regular EICR inspections. These inspections are essential for maintaining employee safety and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

An EICR is a vital tool for assessing the safety and compliance of electrical installations in both residential and commercial properties. By conducting regular inspections, homeowners, landlords, and business owners can significantly minimise the risk of electrical accidents and ensure the well-being of their occupants.


At East Kent Electrical, we understand the importance of electrical safety, and our team of qualified electricians are dedicated to helping you meet your EICR requirements. Contact us today to schedule an EICR inspection and ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical systems.


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