What is an RCD and What Does It Do?

There is nothing more annoying than when your electricity keeps turning off because your RCD is tripping. When this does happen why does it happen and what should you do about it?

What is an RCD?

An RCD is short for a residual current device. It’s a device used to switch off the power in your property if a fault occurs to prevent electrocution. You will find it located in your fuse box.

Why Does Our RCD Keep Tripping?

There are numerous reasons why this happens. We can’t cover them all in one blog post but here are some of the most common reasons.

  • Water in the wiring
  • Faulty electrical appliance
  • Low-quality RCD
  • Older electrical equipment being used
  • Wrong RCD current rating used
  • Fridge or freezer cooling down   

How To Fix Faulty Appliance From Tripping

If you think that you have a problematic electrical appliance in your home that is causing the RCD to trip then the first step is to unplug all of the electrical items. If the RCD then resets you will know one of the items is the issue causing the RDC to trip.

To solve this simply plug in each item one by one and if the RCD then trips you have found your problem and you will need to replace the electrical item.

How To Stop An RCD From Tripping?

It is important that you do regular checks on your RCD ensuring there is no damage.

You also need to ensure there is no moisture present in sockets or electrical boxes and ensure this area is ventilated. All power must be off before doing these things.

The Consequences Of Not Fixing An RCD

It is vitally important that if your RCD does keep tripping then it needs to be dealt with. If you do not do this there can be serious risks for you and your family. An RCD which is continually tripping might be faulty or low-quality but it is important that you look further into this. Failure to do so can put the people in your home at risk.


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