What to do if your RCD trips?

It is very frustrating if your RCD trips. Whether it happens once or numerous times, when it trips and cuts off your electricity it is inconvenient, to say the least.

In this article, we cover what to do if this happens in your property.

What is an RCD?

An RCD is a vital part of your fuse boxes and most if not all fuse boxes in 2022 have one. They are a safety feature for you and your family ensuring that no electrical shocks take place in your home. The role of the RCD is that if there is a problem or fault with one of your electrical items, that could cause danger, the RCD will trigger and cut off your electricity. This means that no electricity is flowing and keeps you safe.

What do I do if the RCD trips?

When your RCD trips, the switch will turn to the off position. Obviously, this has happened for a reason, so it is essential to investigate further as to why this has occurred.

There are a few options you can try that can rectify this situation.

Simple RCD reset

You can reset it by simply switching the RCD back to the on position. Often this solves the problem.

Switch the MCB’s

If the switch just trips again and goes to the off position, then you can switch all the MCBs associated with that RCD to off. Then switch the RCD to on. Step by step then switch each MCB back to on. Do this one at a time.

Test your electrical items

The final option is to investigate which of your electrical items is causing the problem. To test this simply unplug all your items and reset the RCD. As you plug each item in one at a time when the faulty item is plugged in then RCD will trip, and you now know the problem.

If your RCD keeps tripping, then this is not something you should ignore. Not only is it unsafe to do so it can also cause more problems.

Remember that electricity can be dangerous and should always be taken seriously. If you have tried the above or are not comfortable to do so, please contact a qualified electrician who can investigate this further and ensure your home is safe for those that live in it.


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