What You Should Be Looking For When Choosing an Electrician

We all attempt a level of DIY at home. However, there are certain jobs that we should always leave to the professionals, especially when it comes to our electrics. Obviously, if we are not 100% sure and experienced in electrical work then it is far too dangerous for us to involve ourselves in it. On this basis having a local electrician that you can trust and rely on is vital.

When choosing an electrician in Thanet or locally there are several options that you can choose from. Of course, choosing the right electrician can be a difficult decision. Like in any industry some will always be better and more reliable than others.

To help you make the right decision here is what you should be looking for…

Qualified and Experienced

As with any service, we normally find that the more experienced the supplier then the more likely they will know exactly what they are doing. Here at East Kent Electrical we have pretty much seen it all and done it all.

Our team are experienced, well trained, and regularly attend new training courses to ensure we are up to date on all the latest regulations and changes within the industry. You can always ask us about our qualifications and training.

A proven track record

They say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and this is very true. If you want to know how good someone is, then look for proof. The best way to do that is by looking at their reviews, work, and testimonials. Before using any electrician find out what the actual customers have to say.

You can see all our latest reviews from Google and Facebook on our website home page.

Fully insured

As we have already mentioned training and experience is important but also always check that an electrician is insured. This provides peace of mind and assurance should anything go wrong. Of course, the chances of this are minimal but the necessary security needs to be in place.

Excellent service

Even if an electrician is good at what they do you also need to be assured that you are receiving the best service possible. Again, reviews will help show this. We would recommend that you speak with an electrician first to get a good handle on their skills and service. If you wish to talk with our team, then you can request a call back from us here.

We pride ourselves on being respectful of your property and giving you the service, you deserve from a team of professionals.  

Honest and transparent

It goes without saying that everyone wants to deal with honest people. When you receive a quote, you want this to be value for money and fully transparent. No hidden costs and paying for what you will get. No one wants nasty surprises down the line.

When looking for an electrician make sure that all the costs will be included and get a full breakdown of costs before agreeing to get the job done.


Here at East Kent Electrical, we have a team of professional electricians serving Thanet and Kent. You can trust us to deliver the right work at the right price. If you wish to discuss any electrical work, please contact us here.

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