Why Smart Home Technology Is An Improvement For Any New Build Or Existing Home

If you are building or developing a new build property, are a self-builder that’s making their own ideal home, or just want to make an investment in your home to help make life easier, then smart technology is a great option for you.

Smart technology can do a very impressive range of functions around the house, including complete control of the lighting through the whole house, accurate and detailed command of multiple heating zones through the property, and total safety with security management for your home. East Kent are a partnered installer of Baulogic Smart Home Technology, which is the only single complete system for lighting, heating, security, and energy management – it is also very easy to use! Below are some of the great reasons why Baulogic, and smart technology in general, is a great addition to any property.

It is a very simple to operate.

The first reason you will want to get this system is that it’s really simple to operate effectively. You can control the whole system with one simple App. The App offers you complete remote control of your home, but the system also includes a well-designed touch panel for complete clarity in the settings you have chosen and what the setting are throughout your property. There are also simple switches, for convenience, in each room of your home – this means you can control almost everything with the flip of a switch. The system can even offer voice control, so anyone of any age can use any of the functionality offered without having to be smart phone literate, and all you need to do is shout to turn the temperature down.

It comes prepacked and ready to go.

The system is configured for your property from the standard factory-made modules. This means that the Smart Home Technology is quick for us to install in your home and it means that you can use all the functions reliably, right out of the box. There is no need to guess the desired functions – the system is designed with extensive experience in functionality. It has been made in order to be a simple solution and to stand the test of time, you can even include third party smoke, fire, burglar or flood alarms and they can be configured through the app.

Achieve a sleek solution to manage your temperature.

With temperature sensors inbuilt in each switch that is installed throughout your home, achieve complete temperature control within your property. This system is the ideal solution for builds with multi-zone heating such as UFH but can also work effectively in any property. This system makes sure that you do not have any additional devices cluttering your wall, or lying about your home, and you can receive clear and accurate control of each zone from one central point.

Get a great lighting design through your house.

We can install a smart lighting design that showcases your property and highlights the best features of your home. With the clever design features and pre-set options available you can configure scenes to reproduce the perfect ambience every time, meaning you no longer have to fiddle to produce the right lighting for winter evenings or summer days – one click and you are sorted.

Smart home technology is becoming a must have for many developments.

By getting smart technology now, you are investing in your property, giving yourself a great tool to control loads of features and aspects of your property, and planning effectively for the future. Many estate agents are urging self-builders and bespoke home developers to ensure they include smart technology in the building specifications and install it into new builds. So following everyone you know getting a smart speaker, Smart Technology is definitely something you can expect to see much more of in the future.

Baulogic is improving, updating, and winning awards.

We use and endorse Baulogic technology because it is a great system that is adding more features and consistently testing and adapting. For example, shading control for your blinds and other a range of motorised tracks are currently being tested by Bauulogic, and these features will be available from early in 2021. Baulogic’s wired smart home system was recently announced the winner of the ‘Best Home Technology Product or Installation’ in the 2020 Build It Awards, so it must be a good system for your home!


So, if you are interested in making a smart investment in your home, smart technology is a great choice, and having East Kent Electrical install a Baulogic system is a great idea. We’re a Partnered Installer, so can install the system correctly and at a great price. Contact us about our installations, what we can do for your property, and the systems that we install.

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