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East Kent Electrical are now pleased to announce our new fixed price halogen to LED downlight replacement service. We offer an all inclusive fixed price service for the removal and disposal of your existing halogen downlights and the installation of new and energy efficient LED downlights in their place.

With the potential to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds on your electricity bill, the benefit of never having to replace another lamp again and from prices starting from just £50 per unit we feel there is no better way to save huge amounts of energy and money than to choose the LED solution!


We believe halogen GU10s are simply outdated. The majority of energy used in order to make the filament of a halogen lamp glow is produced as heat rather than light, this makes them an extremely inefficient use of energy and in many cases also makes them a potential fire hazard! LEDs have come on leaps and bounds over the years and the products we are seeing today are literally putting to shame the technology of last year! We are now seeing certain types of LED lighting approaching the 100 lumen per watt barrier, these are incredible achievements in energy saving techniques! Forget filament bulbs, forget fluorescent lamps, the future is LED!

The units we supply are one of the best on the market, designed and manufactured by the UK’s leading LED lighting company Aurora. We don’t scrimp on price as we are firm believers in that you get what you pay for, a highly robust unit that is both stylish yet discreet. Each unit is fire rated and comes with a ten year extended warranty as standard, this is testament to Aurora’s confidence in the quality of each fitting.

Powerful LED

At only 10 Watts and up to 650 lumens of light output, these fittings are far more poweful than a typical 50W halogen and yet require only a fifth of their power! Their superior colour rendering also makes the colour and quality of light appear exactly the same as a halogen’s, not the artificial white light many people expect of an LED.

These are also far better value for money than a direct GU10 lamp replacement. To get a lumen output anywhere near a fully integrated unit from a GU10 LED lamp you’d need to spend roughly the same amount of money plus any fitting costs and yet the longest guarantee you will find from a GU10 haolgen lamp is 2,000 hours. Whereas an LED lamp is 30,000 – 50,0000 hours with a 5 year guarantee.

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