Understanding your Fusebox

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    Your fuse box, otherwise known as a consumer unit, is best regarded as the electrical working hub of your home. Would you know what to do if your lights went out, or there was an electrical emergency in your home? Indeed, do you know where to find your consumer unit? Many householders don’t.  […]

10 ways you can save money on your electric and energy bill

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  1. Understand your bill The information on a typical energy bill can be confusing but understanding it can go a long way to helping you get to grips with your energy usage at home. If you don’t understand something on your bill, call your energy company and ask them. 2. Switch off standby By […]

Is your property in need of a re-wire?

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  Wiring and re-wiring is something that most homeowners will never think about – until they need it altering or replacing. Many of us take the infrastructure that powers our properties for granted, but old or faulty electrics can wreak havoc if left untouched.If you are planning an extension or redesigning the layout of your […]