5 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Electrician

professional electrician

As professional electricians, we take our work very seriously and it’s important that you do the same with the electrics in your home. There are many differences between trying to do electrical work yourself and employing a professional like us. Here are 5 reasons you should always use a professional electrician to undertake the electrical […]

Signs Your Home May Need A Rewire

house rewire

Ensuring the electrics in your home are safe and as they should be is vital to the safety of you and your family. Your electrics are used on a daily basis, so it is important that they are to the standard they need to be.

What You Should Be Looking For When Choosing an Electrician

East Kent Electrical in Thanet

We all attempt a level of DIY at home. However, there are certain jobs that we should always leave to the professionals, especially when it comes to our electrics. Obviously, if we are not 100% sure and experienced in electrical work then it is far too dangerous for us to involve ourselves in it. On […]

What You Need To Know To Understand The Fuse Board

Fuse board

Your fuse board is central to all the electrics in your home. No doubt you know where your fuse board is and how to operate it to a basic level but how much do you know? We have written this blog post to give you a little bit more understanding of how the fuse board […]

Staying Safe This Christmas

Electrician at Christmas

In just a few days the man himself will arrive with presents for all (well, if you have been a good boy or girl). We are sure you are all set to spend some much-needed quality time with your loved ones and enjoy a Quality Street or three. Everyone is getting excited, but it is […]

What you need to know about PAT Testing


What is PAT Testing, do you need it and how do I get it done? These are common questions that we get asked here at East Kent Electrical, so we have written this blog to help answer your questions.

8 Reasons To Invest in Outdoor Lighting This Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, outdoor lighting is becoming more important as we reach the winter months. Whether you are coming home after a long day at work and need assistance in finding your keyhole or if you want to add another bracket of security for your home. We have […]

5 Reasons To Invest In Custom Lighting

If you are tired of dimly lit rooms and a garden you can’t see, custom lighting is an excellent investment. There are many reasons to invest in custom lighting. This blog will discuss five great reasons for custom lighting, including the energy usage benefits, to save time and money, and to improve your personal safety. […]

Electrical Safety Tips During Hot Weather

It has already been a hot summer for some lucky residents throughout the UK, and according to long and short-range forecasts, the weather might be warm for a while longer.  With hot weather on the forecast for the next few weeks, it is important to stay safe in your home or business.  These are our […]

5 Benefits of an Electrical Rewire

Rewiring is one of the most difficult maintenance tasks a homeowner can face. It is a major project with works carried out in every room. Your home’s electrical system is powered by cables usually buried in the walls, because of this the work is usually a large undertaking. The electrical cables provide power to your […]